Before & After: A Creative Solution for a No-Closet Bedroom

published Aug 23, 2014
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(Image credit: Christina Orleans)

When you don’t have a closet, it might make sense to fill your bedroom with big furniture so you can pack away your clothes and accessories, hiding your apparel as a method to cut down on clutter. But what if those big, bulky and dark furniture pieces are doing more harm than good? Christina did away with her furniture, instead replacing it with a DIY clothes organizing solution that might be inspiration for folks with small spaces and little storage.

(Image credit: Christina Orleans)

From Christina:

Our Victorian doesn’t have a single closet, so for the last four years, we used wardrobes and dressers. We have added open shelving in other rooms and love it, so we decided to create our own boutique-feeling dressing room right in the bedroom and toss the big, dark furniture.

Even though it’s only 12’x 14′, the room feels so much bigger now, and having everything out in the open makes it much easier to keep tidy and organized. And the whole project was under $200, which is less than the cost of one new wardrobe.

Thank you Christina! Bold idea! Do away with the bulky furniture to create a “boutique” feel right in the bedroom. And DIYing this idea seems much more affordable than buying furniture specifically for clothing. More photos on Christina’s blog.

Would you ever do away with your furniture opting instead to create an airy, open shelf closet area if you need more space?

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