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Before & After: From Burgundy to Bunnies, Custom Wallpaper Transforms a Feature Wall

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When Danielle and her family moved into their home, they knew which room they wanted for their daughters nursery but felt it needed some major restyling. After switching up the color scheme with paint and wallpaper, replacing the chandelier with something a little more kid friendly and adding all of the cute touches that make a nursery, they have an adorable space for their daughter that is a fry cry from the original room.

From Danielle: When we moved in, the room couldn’t look further from what we envisioned for our little girl’s bedroom. A dark burgundy feature wall sat next to lilac walls, the skirting boards and door frames which must have been white one day had turned into a beige-yellow. The previous owners left the chandelier and the blinds behind. The room is on the top floor of our 3-story home with a sloped ceiling.

We needed to turn it into a practical space where she could also play, but wanted to keep it light and uncluttered as much as possible. The room size is generous compared to her previous nursery, so we started from scratch when I had the idea of designing a wallpaper with bunnies – which she loves!

It took a while for us to get started because the process of getting a wallpaper designed and printed was time-consuming, however once we had the wallpaper delivered we got it done within a few days! My husband did all the painting: skirting boards, door frames, walls and ceiling, and we hung the wallpaper together. I did the finishing details such as pictures and shelves and styling the room, the accessories were from several retailers and some from my own homeware store. The wallpaper cost £45 (about $56) a roll which is quite reasonable too for the quality that we got!

I love how fresh the room is now! Grey, pink and white are very popular colors for a girls bedroom, but it feels unique and individual to her because of the details we have added. The wallpaper was the inspiration and it has become so popular that we now sell it. I have also customized other items around the room such as the pom pom rug, the house shelves which were covered with wallpaper cut outs, the blackboard which is a generous size and is the first corner she goes to every morning, and also using some unexpected accessories such as the notice board to hang the post cards. I have also added two large toy storage bags which keep the room tidy at the end of the day. The room accessories will also be easily changed to adapt as she grows up. The radiator on show is possibly the one thing that is still on the to-do list, and we will fix that in the near future. We will also change the cot bed for a house-frame bed in a few months when she is ready.

Words of advice? Choose a piece of furniture or accessory you love and then create a mood board from there, and refer back to it during the process. And don’t be afraid to try new things or customize your own decor accessories!

This was a fun project and I love that my daughter loves spending time in her new bedroom! I am now planning a nursery for our second daughter who arrives in April, and can’t wait to get it done and decorated.

Thank you, Danielle! You can see more on Danielle’s blog The Room Alive.