Before & After: Pineapple Pants to Protective Print

published Jun 15, 2015
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(Image credit: Meghan)

After Meghan impulse purchased these workout leggings while traveling, she decided they were too crazy to wear again, but too cute to toss. Good thing she found those pineapples a new purpose:

(Image credit: Meghan)

We’re digging the less intense, but still happy pattern and the neon edging!

From Meghan:

I was out of town and did a horrible job packing. I was in desperate need of some workout pants. So, I headed to the local Walmart to scope out their pant scene. During my search, I saw these hot pink pants that nearly popped my eyes out of their sockets. When I got past the initial eye shock, I noticed the pants had pineapples on them. Pineapples have kind of become my jam lately. I would say I have a slight obsession with this fruit. A few minutes after I had stumbled upon the most obnoxious pants ever, I found myself leaving Walmart with said pants.

I bought the pineapples pants as a joke since I knew my friends would get a kick out of them. I had no intention of wearing my pineapple pants after that weekend. However, being a crafter, I held on to the pants. They weren’t great to wear, but I figured the fabric could possibly be used for something else. Well, that something else ended up being an apron!

I was super happy I got to use my pineapples for something fashion related that was much cuter than the original source. With the help from Fabric Mod Podge, I was able to cut out my pineapples and glue them right onto my apron. To give my apron a little more flair, I painted the piping with a neon yellow colored fabric paint. I am super happy with the way my apron turned out. I think my friends are super happy not to see the pineapples on my legs anymore. 😉

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Thank you Meghan!