Before & After: A Bright Makeover For “THE ONE”

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(Image credit: Submitted by Johanna)

After a bit of a vagabond lifestyle, Johanna was ready to put down her roots and settle into a home she could love. She found her house soul mate, and while it needed some improvements, she saw the home for what it could be. And as a reward she got to live out our collective dream of ripping up carpet to discover beautiful hardwood floors.

(Image credit: Submitted by Johanna)

From Johanna: Growing up moving every three years made it difficult for me to find a place where I felt I could settle down. For my entire childhood and into my adult life I regularly moved every 3-5 years. Finally I decided that I need to find a place to lay down roots.

When purchasing a house, folks kept telling me “you know when you’ll find THE ONE” and I didn’t necessarily believed them until I set foot in the beautiful East Lake Victorian I now own in New York. My real estate agent was late and I had to spend some time sitting on the porch steps. I felt so comfortable and knew that this home was going to be different.

The same folks that told me I’d know which one is THE ONE told me that I’d be stressed out when it came to renovating it. While the house is very solid, it needs a lot of cosmetic work and updating. This also hasn’t been true. I have enjoyed the entire process.

The living room was covered in an ancient dingy carpet and painted a dull green color. It didn’t quite do this room justice and I knew a couple fixes would completely transform this room.

When I purchased the house I didn’t know what condition the floors were in. Every inch of the floors, except for one room (dining room) were covered in either cheap carpeting or linoleum – two bedrooms even had linoleum in them!

Luckily – I struck gold. Under the carpet ended up some beautiful old growth heart pine floors which my floor guy (Southtown Hardwoods) brought out beautifully. A fresh coat of paint on the walls, original plaster molding and pendants, and chandeliers completely brought this room back to life.

Thank you, Johanna!