Before & After: An Affordable Dining Room Upgrade from Just Pretty to Totally Perfect

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As sometimes happens with a kitchen renovation, you look around when everything is finally finished and cleaned up and perfect and realize that the rest of your space isn’t keeping up. And as almost always happens after a kitchen renovation, you don’t have a ton of money (or patience) left over right at that moment to upgrade your other spaces. Post kitchen renovation, Ashley found that while her dining room was lovely, it wasn’t necessarily her style. So she found some inexpensive and super stylish ways to breath new life into her dining room.

From Ashley: We had a very pretty dining room but it just didn’t feel like us. We recently completed a kitchen renovation and the dining space just didn’t go with it. We wanted to make some fun changes without spending a ton of money, ultimately, our goal was to end up with a space that went with our kitchen and felt at home with our style.

We installed the shibori wallpaper ourselves and that really set the tone for the space.

I recovered the vintage chairs with a more neutral fabric, grabbed a bench out of our living room and brought in some black chairs to give the dining space a complete new look.

A change in lighting, rug and a few decor items really changed the space and gave us the look that we wanted.

In the end, we ended up with a space that has a life of its own yet goes with our kitchen and eat-in dining space.

Thank you, Ashley! You can see more on Ashley’s blog Bigger Than the Three of Us.