Before & After: A Trashed Curbside Dresser

published Sep 19, 2012
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I am fairly certain that if I drove by this dresser on trash day in my neighborhood, I would have kept on going. Sure it is an interesting size and has nice lines, but the utterly awful painted finish would have had me imagining all types of other things that would undoubtedly be wrong with it, not to mention the hours of labor involved in stripping it. I am happy to report that there are people out there who are much more motivated and optimistic than myself, and that they did stop and pick up this dresser, and it is now absolutely beautiful.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What a showpiece! Cristin from Eve of Reduction is obviously not afraid to take her time and do things right. She and her helpful family decided that this dresser was way beyond a new topcoat and stripped off each layer of paint–all seven of them! She then sanded it silky smooth, using progressively higher grits all the way up to 600. Then, instead of rushing to finish the blank canvas before her, she researched online for a few days for the perfect color scheme, and decided on a very handsome paint/stain combination. Well done, indeed.

While we commend Cristin and her family’s dedication and hard work, remember that if you are inspired to tackle a similar project, please do so safely. A dresser this old with that much paint on it is bound to contain lead, so be sure to educate yourself on how to remove it safely. If you are nervous or unsure, consider hiring a certified professional to remove the paint.

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