Before & After: An IKEA Hemnes Dresser Glams Up

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Courtney found herself in a bit of a design lurch when she ordered a new dresser for her daughter, but a month later got word that it had been cancelled. Instead of shaking her fists at the heavens and cursing the retail gods, she hopped in her car, drove to IKEA and snatched up a Hemnes dresser. With a little DIY know-how she transformed the dresser into a totally glam, Old Hollywood-inspired piece.

From Courtney: If you are not familiar with it, this is the Hemnes dresser from IKEA. It boasts eight drawers and is only $250. This dresser is not easy to put together!!!! Apparently there are people you can pay to put them together for about $75. We didn’t know that and I haven’t mentioned that to the hubby (until now) as he was not thrilled to spend six hours on this beauty. BUT it is worth it. If you put one together, our advice is to build the frame one day, take a break, and build the drawers the next day. Saves your sanity.

Swapping out the hardware plus the O’verlays made such a difference. It took it from a simple dresser to a glam piece of furniture. But it won’t break the bank. I used the Anne style for the Hemnes dresser.

I chose this Metallic Pure Gold and they only took one coat. You do need to be sure you have sprayed the sides as well. Allow them to fully dry overnight so that there is no paint transfer or sticky feel.

The hardware was ordered from here. It was a bit tricky to swap out. We needed to get shorter screws and make each hole a bit bigger. Worth it in the end. They give the dresser a high-end look and are a nice feminine touch in her room.

Swing on over to Courtney’s blog, A Thoughtful Place, for more photos and details.

Thank you so much, Courtney!