Before & After: From Forgotten Den to Fabulous Office

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Ah yes, the forgotten room aka “out-of-sight-out-of-mind room” aka the junk drawer room, we’ve all had one some of us may still have one (guilty). Molly took it upon herself to help her forgotten room find its purpose as an adorable work and lounge room, a tall order for a small space. Check it out!

From Molly: Hopefully, everyone can understand the out-of-sight-out-of-mind room. The neglected, ignored, sad space that falters while other spaces get more attention. That was definitely our study! When my boyfriend and I moved into this apartment, my focus turned to our living and bedroom spaces. This room fell by the wayside and its main use was as a den. (Video games, guys. Lots of them.)

When we decided to re-sign our lease here, I decided to start using my brain…and to start using our study for actual work. The goal was to create a space where we could retain the current lounge/relaxation functionality, and add a workspace and storage. A tall order for a small room, but it felt doable.

Spoiler alert: It WAS doable! We brought in a long tabletop to serve as both a desk and a TV console, moved in a storage cabinet for my crafty stuff and his computer accessories, and kept the couch and side table as they were. Somehow, adding more furniture has made this space feel larger. I assume the fact that the room actually functions now has something to do with it.

We kept the decor pretty simple, adding a few neutral mudcloth pillows, some muted planters, a mirror to bounce light around, and a copper grid wall inspiration board that I DIY’d. This is such a happy room to be in now. Wish we had done this sooner! You can find the full post with more pictures and a source list on my blog.

Thank you, Molly! You can see this project and more on Awfully Big Adventure.