Before & After: Hooray for This IKEA Hamper Hack

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(Image credit: Submitted by Dan )

Out of context it is kind of hard to tell what this is, let alone take a guess as to what it’s going to become. Surprise! It’s an old IKEA hamper! After you’ve recovered from that news, scroll down and see Dan’s impressive hamper hack.

(Image credit: Submitted by Dan )

From Dan: I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I saw this a few years ago on Apartment Therapy and knew I had to repurpose an old IKEA hamper that was collecting dust. I used matte black spray paint on the metal hamper frame which I must say probably isn’t the best of finishes, but unless you are up really close, still looks fine.

The key to this hack was finding an old kitchen cutting board that was taken from a kitchen remodel years ago. When I turned it over, I was amazed to see this almost pristine wood grain, kind of like cherry butcher block. I simply cut it out and applied a couple of coats of poly and the color turned out better than I expected. Last step was finding some black screws and fastening the wood from the underside of the frame. Love the table and the clean look!

Thank you, Dan!