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Before & After: All it Took Was $20, an Afternoon and ’90s R&B for the Perfect Dresser

published Jul 17, 2017
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(Image credit: Amy of Five Feet Small)

Amy was on the hunt for a dresser but it had to fit both her budget and her new space. As luck would have it, her neighbors were selling this long and lean lady and Amy scooped her right up for a first class DIY treatment.

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(Image credit: Amy of Five Feet Small)

From Amy: I found this dresser at a garage sale last month and immediately knew I had to have it! Our new bedroom is pretty small and doesn’t have space for the lowboy dresser we had in our old room, so I knew I’d eventually have to replace it with something more practical for our setup. I’ve always loved the look of campaign dressers, but buying them brand new was never an option (tbh, buying anything brand new is rarely an option for me cause I’m forever #ballinonabudget). After a couple weeks of searching, my appetite for a bargain was satiated when a couple in our neighborhood was selling this dresser for only $20. I knew it would need a little TLC (I’m referring to both tender love and care AND T-boz Lefteye Chilli cause that was blasting on the Spotify when I spent my Saturday doing this), but with all of the remodeling we’ve done on our home I already had all of the supplies to give this thing a quick makeover!

(Image credit: Amy of Five Feet Small)

I spent a full Saturday working on this. The project cost me nothing due to me already having the supplies.

I love how this project turned out! It’s perfect for all of my undergarments and t-shirts, which had previously been ransacked and heaved into disarrayed gobs on the floor of my bedroom by an unknown culprit. My fiancé finds it peculiar that this culprit only targets my closet and not his, but I can only say that I am a victim and nothing else.

Amy’s words of wisdom: Be patient, take your time, and trust that if you make mistakes you will learn from them! DIYing is such a great way to exercise your creative juices.

Thank you, Amy! You can see this project and more on Amy’s blog, Five Feet Small!