The Best Way to Keep Your Vinyl Records Organized Is This Storage Solution

published Sep 27, 2023
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Modern Record Player in a Stylish living Room.
Credit: Getty Images/ Catherine Falls Commercial

Records are like novels; it’s impossible to own too many. As your collection grows, it’s a good idea to store them safely in small but mighty Bellwood Cube Unit Media Shelves, an Apartment Therapy Organization Award winner. Not only are the units designed with vinyl record storage in mind, but they’re also made of eco-friendly materials you can feel good about. 

The Bellwood Cube Unit is sustainably made from recycled paperboard — not particle board, which is typically made from wood chips. It’s also formaldehyde-, VOC-, and toxin-free. If you’re feeling nervous about buying a lightweight recycled paperboard unit for more than $80, the lifetime guarantee should give you plenty of peace of mind. The Bellwood unit is recyclable, too, which means if you cash in on that lifetime guarantee, your original shelves won’t end up in a landfill. 

Despite the unit material’s paper origins, the media shelves are strong enough to serve as a stand for your record player and other decor items, and each shelf can hold a maximum load of 50 pounds.

The unit is available in four colors, and the clean lines and neutral finish will coordinate with any decor. It can even grow as your LP collection expands; units sit flush against each other, creating the look of a single larger piece. And no space is wasted on these small shelving units — one alone will hold up to 170 records.

At only 18 inches wide and 29.1 inches tall, you can find a space for this petite beauty even in the tiniest of dorm rooms. It’s effortless to assemble — within 10 minutes you’ll be done, no tools required, thanks to the 3M Adhesive strips used to secure the pieces together. 

The Bellwood Cube Unit also protects your vinyl investment. If you’ve ever purchased records from a yard sale or rescued boxes of LPs from a relative’s attic, you know that improper storage can seriously damage the delicate medium. Spending out on quality storage now means you won’t have to replace your records later. 

Whether you’ve collected only a handful of vinyl records or your home is bursting with them, the Bellwood Cube Unit Media Shelves are a stylish and sustainable way to contain your favorite listens. 

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