These $23 Acrylic Drawers from Amazon Made My Bathroom So Much More Stylish and Functional

updated Jun 7, 2021
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Credit: Courtesy of Olivia Muenter

In my adult life, I’ve lived in three different apartments—and zero of them have included bathrooms with storage. Over the years, I’ve become used to products piling up on sink counters and bottles of shampoos balancing on the edge of the tub. I’ve tried installing IKEA shelves and placing wicker baskets around to control the clutter, but nothing ever felt quite right. Perhaps more annoyingly, nothing ever looked quite like the tidy tiny spaces I saw on Instagram. All of the professional organizer accounts I followed made it look so easy to keep a small bathroom in check; in reality, it was much more difficult. While snagging a pair of affordable bamboo shelves on Amazon helped my current bathroom situation drastically, it was investing in a pair of easy-to-use acrylic drawers that was an additional stylish game changer.

Before these acrylic drawers, I had tried other plastic bins and various other small storage containers (as seen in my bathroom above) to group products in order to keep them from tipping over or falling through the slots in my shelves. But I kept running into two problems: One, things would get buried at the bottom of the drawers, or I would forget what was in the bins, causing clutter to accumulate. And two, these bins and containers would often end up completely full, typically with items overflowing—making them look like eyesores. These acrylic drawers, however, let me see what’s inside of them, and they’re impossible to overfill because they won’t shut if you do that. 

Admittedly, these drawers still do get filled with items I’m not using from time to time, but for the most part, I’ve been able to pare down to the essentials. Plus, I can easily see inside them (from all angles) to access what I’m looking for instantly, which means no digging or dumping them out required. They also look super sleek and pretty on my bamboo shelving unit. There are a few downsides, of course. Notably, they get dirty pretty quickly, though this does make cleaning them regularly hard to forget. In addition, while seeing everything that’s in them makes access easier, it also means these items are visible to anyone who glances at them. It may not be a soothing, minimalist aesthetic because of this, but all in all, they make my life much, much easier.

The drawers (which are also stackable, by the way) are also beloved by many Amazon reviewers, if you need any more convincing to try them out for a bathroom storage solution in your own home. The reviews are also a great place to find inspiration for what, exactly, to store in the drawers. One reviewer wrote, “Love it! Use it for family medicine. It’s big enough to fit most of the medicine better than first aid kits that’s sold on here.” Another customer wrote, “Love these! I wish I had ordered a couple more of them! They’re sturdy, very nice looking, and they hold A LOT of stuff! And I love that they’re super clear, as opposed to some of the others, which are yellow or blueish tinted. These are really pretty. I purchased these to organize hair accessories, and I will definitely be using them in my office now as well!” Some people did complain that the drawer is noticeably smaller than the “box” it’s stored in, which is true, but for the most part the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. 

Personally, I use the drawers to store my everyday, go-to items like contacts, hair ties, and deodorant, but they can be used for whatever you want. If you ever are lucky enough to one day have a bathroom that comes with built-in storage, these could easily be utilized in another room in the house. I’m picturing them as a perfect holder for different types of tea in the kitchen or a way to store miscellaneous chargers or cords in a cabinet. The possibilities are really endless. 

And though having all your clutter exposed to the world and not hidden away might not be as picture-perfect as some of the organization you see on Instagram, it also makes it very difficult to hold onto the items you’re not using and to lose track of the items you actually want to use. Maybe one day I’ll finally have a bathroom with endless drawers and cabinets, but if I can train myself to be more thoughtful about the products I use and accumulate less waste/clutter in the meantime, then I’ll take that as a win, too.