The Best Alarm Clocks for Your Personality Type

published Jul 11, 2019
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Credit: Minette Hand

Everyone starts their day with an alarm in one way or another—be it a cell phone, an actual clock, or even a screaming child. Sure, using your iPhone may work just fine, but there are many options on the market that are much more innovative, and won’t be tempting you to fall asleep scrolling down a glowing screen.

Plus, there’s an alarm clock to suit every personality, from those who always need more sleep in the morning to those who are always raring to go. So don’t press snooze—take a look at some of these cool alarm clocks to see which one deserves a spot on your bedside table.

Credit: Amazon

For the Grumpy Riser: Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation, $42.50 from Amazon

What if you could avoid being startled by an irritatingly loud beep and instead be gently awakened by the rising sun each morning? Regardless of when you wake up or how much natural light your room receives, this graceful wakeup routine is totally possible when you set up this Amazon bestseller in your space. The machine gradually emits more and more light as it gets closer to your wake-up time, helping ease the natural process of getting out of bed without the shock factor.

Credit: Anthropologie

For the Stress Case: Diffuser Clock with Built-In Speaker, $60 from Anthropologie

This Anthropologie clock doesn’t rest: It’s an alarm system, diffuser, and speaker, all in one. (Talk about a triple threat!) One bottle of essential oil is included, and this combo honestly sounds like the most soothing way to de-stress and wind down at night (imagine playing music as you gather your things for the next day) or wake up the next morning (hello, calming smells!).

Credit: Walmart

For the Caffeine Fiend: SWAN Vintage Teasmade and Alarm Clock, $74.24 from Walmart

First, bedtime. Then… teatime? That’s right, this alarm clock comes with a built-in tea maker, so you can wake up with your favorite hot beverage at the ready. Just add water and a tea bag or tea leaves into the tank before bed, and that’s it. Essentially, this alarm clock dispenses caffeine, making it a must for anyone who can’t start their day without a cup.

Credit: PBTeen

For the Ball of Energy: The Emily & Meritt Bunny Alarm Clocks, $59 from PBTeen

This is an alarm clock that’s sure to make you want to hop out of bed each morning (sorry, we couldn’t resist!). If you’re looking to add a little whimsy to your bedside table, this is the perfect piece.

Credit: Amazon

For the Traditionalist: LINGSFIRE Alarm Clock, $12.99 from Amazon

Prefer something more classic? We find this clock to be oh-so-darling. It looks antique but has a totally manageable price tag (and Prime shipping!). Plus, it’s small size ensures it will fit on even the tiniest bedside tables.

Credit: Food52

For the Flower Child: Retro Dome Alarm Clock, $39 from Food52

We’re digging this playful, ’60s-inspired piece, which would look really cool atop a mid-century-style nightstand. Or even just a shelf; if you have a small space, this clock doesn’t take up much more room than your bedtime glass of water.