9 Stylish Planters from Amazon That Will Make Your Plant Parent Friends Green with Envy

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Assortment of fake plants, styled on a table

There’s nothing like a luscious green plant to help bring the outdoors in. With so many beautiful varieties and levels of care to choose from, there’s truly a plant out there for everyone. And just like pillows can dress up a beautiful couch, a pretty plant can instantly upgrade your space into a super-soothing oasis. I love to be greeted in the morning by my array of window plants, each housed in an egg-shell-white pot or planter. When I open my eyes and see my plants, they immediately put a smile on my face and make me happy to begin my day. That’s a moment!

With the right decorative planter, you can begin (or step up) your plant game and create some magical plant moments of your own. If you’re not quite sure where to look, Amazon is the perfect place to start. They’ve got a wide and varied assortment of planters in countless styles, and best of all, they won’t chip away too much at your bank account. Check out nine Amazon planters that are sure to catch your eye (trust me on this, I’m the moment maker, remember?)

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Sometimes a singular plant is all you need to make a statement. With this rustic piece, any variety you choose to display will be framed just right. It's a simple design with loads of style, and the handcrafted beechwood base is sold separately from the planter.

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Display your herbs or mini greens in style with this super cute (and clever) piece. You can make it your own by adjusting the length of the four ropes to arrange each plant’s hanging height to your liking. It’s a planter that you practically transform into art.

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These perfectly round ceramic planters, available as a set of two, come in a gorgeous blue hue that's nothing short of mesmerizing. The color conjures up thoughts of the ocean, while the planter’s gold clay saucer beckons you back to those memories of walking along the beach. I can hear the waves already ...

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It’s hard to say what’s more appealing about this planter: its unique three-legged design or the gorgeous terracotta hue. What’s for certain is that it's a plant parent's dream! If you don’t own a pretty clay planter yet, this is a great starter pot.

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These geometric planters dazzle with pristine white vessels each housed in a rich brass base. The design is futuristic and modern, making the set perfect for accentuating plants with hanging stems or leaves that dare to dangle. It’s also ideal for displaying succulents and small cacti. With a look that’s so fresh and so clean, you'll be eager to show them off.

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This stand duo sports a minimalistic, mid-century modern design that's impossible not to love. You'll notice that it comes with adjustable legs and can be set at two different heights for an eye-catching pairing.

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These planters offer texture and style with a modern edge, making them perfect for displaying your flowers, plants, and herbs. They're are on the petite side, but some of the prettiest pieces sometimes come in small sizes, right? These little planters are intended for indoor use, so think entryway console table, kitchen counter, or office desk.

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This set of modern hanging metal planters is sure to draw attention in any room you hang them. The design is simple, which allows the boldness of the planters to take center stage. They're also super easy to install, which is a plus.

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These adorable 8-inch planters come in a set of two and are perfect for someone who wants to take baby steps into becoming a plant parent. Versatile and durable, they can be hung indoors or outdoors.