Perfect Fit: Best Bathroom Scales

updated Apr 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)

Bathroom scales are extremely useful if you’re tracking your health, but they can be a. Ugly b. Large & Awkward and c. Cold & Clammy. Things have changed a lot since I started covering them with the advent of health tracking and wifi (You can see our Best Bathroom Scale posts from 2008, 2010 and 2011). I’ve had a Withings wifi scale for nearly five years and I love it, so it’s included below, along with a range of curated picks that meet with my full approval. Enjoy and share your own fave if it’s not on this list. Check out a lot of good comments here from readers in our Best of 2011 post.

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Withings has been a leader in wifi scales that can do everything from tracking your weight to body fat, heart rate and indoor air quality. I have this one, but, honestly, I don’t use all the functions, so I would be fine with the basic scale down in the Medium category. With either one, after you step on the scale your measurements automatically push to the Withings app on your phone where you can keep track of years of data (and see how it goes up and down depending on the vicissitudes of life). This scale got “Absolute Best” rating by our friends at The Sweethome.

(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)

My last five years is above, where you can see I’m aiming to stay right around 165.

If you’re a super tracker and wearing a Fitbit right now, then you’ll probably want to get this beautifully designed scale. Tracks weight, % body fat, and Body Mass Index (BMI) with a wireless push to your phone. Comes in two colors, white and black.

Totally NOT digital, but large, pleasing to read and coming in many colors, I like this pick for your traditional bathroom. Warning, the price ranges widely depending on the color.


This Withings scale is their entry level straight ahead wifi scale (which is a great place to start).

I’ve had this scale and really liked it. Old school digital, but slim with a nice, warm rubber top surface, it will do the job and take up minimal space. Oh, and it’s quite light as well, if you like to use your scale and put it away in a cabinet.

To represent the organic, spa-style end of the spectrum, I’ve included this lovely scale from C&B. With a natural bamboo top and metal bottom, this is a straightforward digital scale that matches their line of bamboo bathroom accessories and weighs up to 400 lbs.


A simple, thin, glass topped digital scale at a nice price from a good company, Soehnle, this will disappear in your bath or bedroom and do the trick with ease.

Recommended numerous times by readers as a great basic scale, EatSmart gets high marks at Amazon and instantly lights up and weighs without tapping. As SharonT says, “After years of not having a scale, I finally bit the bullet. It’s not part of this “best” list, but I have to say that I am very pleased with the EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale. It’s accurate, consistent, slim and reasonably nice to look at (sort of a cross between the Salter and the Seca). You don’t even have to tap it first before you step on. Extra bonus for those of us who are getting a little older, the numbers are big and brightly backlit in blue — this means no squinting or guessing, which could be good or bad, I suppose. For around $35 on various sites, it’s a most excellent bang for your buck.