This Is, Hands Down, the Best Cleaning TikTok of 2022

published Dec 24, 2022
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If you want to know how to clean something in 2022, just type “#cleantok” into the TikTok app and prepare yourself for the mind-boggling breadth of tutorials that will surface. No matter if you’re searching for a lazy hack for cleaning your air fryer or trying to figure out how to remove a stubborn rust stain from your bathtub, you’ll find no shortage of useful ideas to help you tackle the task at hand.

So I dug into the world of cleaning TikToks in the hopes of condensing some of the best product finds and cleaning tips into one helpful video. And I found a winner that dutifully ticks those boxes while also offering up a morsel of entertainment — because where’s the fun in cleaning without a good dose of humor? The award for “Best Cleaning TikTok of 2022” goes to (insert drum roll here) user @spaceystacey4 and her shower door cleaning video:

Now, you might be wondering if there is any reason in particular that I chose this specific video as the best one? Well, it turns out there are five reasons. Allow me to explain. 

It showcases a number of viral TikTok products.

One thing that becomes eminently clear when you watch an exhaustive amount of cleaning TikToks is there is an arsenal of viral products that most users swear by. Chief among them are Bar Keepers Friend, a renowned cleansing powder that’s been around since 1882, and Scrub Daddy, a flex-textured foam sponge shaped like an emoji that doesn’t scratch surfaces. 

When used in conjunction with each other, they are a powerful match at removing stains and surface grime, as @spaceystacey4 clearly demonstrates when cleaning the soap scum and water stains off of her shower door. She also cleverly utilizes another well-loved product, a squeegee, to wipe away the water droplets after rinsing for a gloriously streak-free finish. 

It has satisfying before-and-after footage.

If you’re going to show “before” footage, you better have “after” footage that wows your audience, amirite? There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a cleaning video only to be disappointed by the lack of noticeable improvement at the end, or worse, cleaning footage that cuts off abruptly without any sort of dramatic reveal. 

This video definitely does not disappoint with its before and after coverage. It starts by panning across the shower door to clearly show the grimy surface, and it ends with a satisfying rinse of all the scrubbing bubbles to reveal a glass door that’s so crystal clear one user commented, “It’s so clean, I couldn’t even see the glass by the end.”

Credit: Getty Images/Liudmila Chernetska

It offers cleaning and prevention tips.

After successfully demonstrating how to clean a glass shower door, the video goes a step further to show how to prevent a future build-up of stains. The hack? Coat the glass door with Rain-X, a product that’s designed to repel water from car windshields. After a light misting of the product and wiping it onto the glass, @spaceystacey4 then sprays it with the shower head to demonstrate how the water simply “rolls off like butter.”

It features ASMR.

Part of the mass appeal of cleaning TikToks is that many of them heavily feature ASMR. In case you’re not privy to that pocket of the internet, that stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response,” or a pleasant tingly sensation you get from hearing certain sounds. While this video does have voiceover and background music, it also prominently features scrubbing and rinsing sounds for that effect.

It has humor and entertainment.

While cleaning videos can certainly contain an element of catharsis, one wouldn’t typically associate them with being entertaining. But @spaceystacey4 manages to infuse a fair amount of humor into her shower cleaning demo using a mixture of singing and funny commentary. 

She also leans into the fun emoji shape of the Scrub Daddy by sprinkling the top of it with Bar Keepers Friend and pulling it away to reveal a smiley face of powdered cleaner. And at one point, she even slams the Scrub Daddy into the surface of the glass to leave a smiley face impression in the cleaning bubbles. Hilarious and helpful — now, that’s a winning combo!

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