The 6 Best Coupon Sites for Cash Back and Promo Code Savings

published Nov 22, 2023
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Does anyone really want to pay full price? Personally, I only perk up at the prospect of a “50% off” or “BOGO” deal. Sales like that are great, but there are more ways to save cash outside of when companies advertise their deals. Specifically, you can use coupon sites. 

These unassuming lists of seemingly random discount promo codes are a shopper’s best friend. They round up retailers’ deal events and lesser advertised offers all in one place. Plus, many of the sites provide cash-back rebates at hundreds of stores. All the sites are free to join, and most are available via desktop and as an app, so you can save money however you browse. (Fair warning: If you add all of the browser extensions, they’ll all pop up when you shop, so double-check you’re getting the cash back and promos you want before you check out.) 

Here’s a list of the best coupon sites you can use to find the sweetest-possible deal whenever you shop.

1. RetailMeNot

You can join RetailMeNot for a mix of cash-back rebates and promo codes at online stores. RetailMeNot produces a list of codes (one-offs and direct retail sales) you can use when you check out online. Add the RetailMeNot Deal Finder browser extension to alert you to available codes and cash-back offers whenever you shop online without visiting the company’s website. Deal Finder members also get exclusive offers (as of writing, there’s a 20% cash back offer at Macy’s storewide).

Use the cash-back homepage for online rebates at hundreds of businesses, from Urban Outfitters to Airbnb. Simply choose where you want to shop, and RetailMeNot directs you to your chosen store’s website. A few days after you make a purchase, you can see the rebate in your RetailMeNot wallet. From there, redeem it as cash in Venmo or PayPal. It takes about 45 days to see the rebate fulfilled.

2. Rakuten

This one is great for the IRL shoppers. With in-store cash back at places like H&M and Kiehl’s, you can add your credit card to your Rakuten account, claim in-store deals on the website or app, and then make a purchase at the store using that card. In the app, you can also get exclusive dining offers and search a map to find in-person deals near you.

On Rakuten, you also get plenty of online cash-back deals and promo codes from big-box stores like Target and even travel sites like Expedia. Search for a store you’re interested in on Rakuten’s website or app, and get up-to-date cash-back offers and promo codes for unique discounts and store-wide sales. You get your cash back as a quarterly check or PayPal deposit. Or, you can earn 20% more on your cash back when you convert it to Rakuten Points, which you can use to buy gift cards at online stores. Rakuten also has a browser extension to apply deals at checkout. 

3. Honey

Honey distinguishes itself from other sites with its price-tracking Droplist feature. In addition to offering cash back and promo codes when you search a store on its website or app, Honey will track the price of an item for you and alert you when it drops the percentage you indicated you wanted to see. It’s super helpful in keeping track of big-ticket items like wide-screen TVs and other electronics.  

Using the Honey browser extension, you can earn PayPal Rewards points, which you can redeem for cash, gift cards, or PayPal shopping credits. Also, take advantage of item-specific opportunities to earn extra rewards when shopping with the browser extension. PayPal points post to your account once you make a purchase, but they can be pending for up to 90 days, depending on when the retailer confirms the purchase.  

4. Coupon Cabin

On its FAQ page, Coupon Cabin hypes its “6,000 cash-back partner stores where you can earn up to 20% cash back.” Similar to other sites, you’ll get your rebate via check, PayPal, Venmo, e-gift card, or Chase payment between 45 and 60 days after your purchase. In addition to accessing online promo codes when you search a store on the website, you can also print coupons to use in stores and find deals for online gift card purchases, like 10% to 20% off bulk orders.

Install the Coupon Cabin Sidekick extension to apply codes at checkout and quickly see cash-back offers in Google results when you search for items.

5. Capital One Shopping

Don’t let the name fool you — anyone can browse deals on Capital One Shopping, no matter what’s in your wallet. Like Honey, Capital One Shopping shows you when prices drop, but it’s based on your browsing and purchases; you can’t select specific items to track. You can automatically apply active and relevant promo code discounts to your purchase when you install the Capital One Shopping browser extension

There are no straightforward cash-back deals, but you can earn shopping rewards when you shop at qualifying retailers, which you can turn into gift cards on the Capital One Shopping website.


Living up to its moniker, is teeming with deals and promos, covering everything from “coupons and promo codes you can apply at checkout” to “product deals, free shipping promotions, and sitewide sales.”

A little less high-tech than its competitors, all the promo discount codes or links to sales are found directly on the website, so you have to copy and paste the code when you check out online. There’s also no mobile app, so if you’re strictly a desktop shopper, this is a good site to bookmark.