10 Surprisingly Beautiful Decor Finds Worth Shopping For at Home Depot

updated May 3, 2019
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Home Depot is a home run when you’re in need of screws, plywood, and mulch, but it may not be the first place you think of when it comes to decorating. And while I’m not about to say that it should be, necessarily, it certainly shouldn’t be ignored. The next time you’re popping into the home improvement store to pick up a new tape measurer or drywall anchors (or what have you), don’t forget to look out for the following style upgraders:

1. Rugs

When I’m on the hunt for a new rug, strolling through my local hardware store is not my first inclination, but with options like these, maybe it should be. I was recently helping a friend decorate a new condo, and while on a Home Depot run for some essentials, we stumbled upon some really great rugs. She had her eye on a vintage-looking (read: pretty trendy) piece and though they didn’t have the size she was looking for in-store, a sales associate helped her special order what she needed.

This one might not be a total surprise, but it’s also easy to forget. You might run to Home Depot when remodeling your kitchen or swapping out closet door knobs, but don’t forget they have some pretty solid (albeit simple) options in store for DIY projects like refreshing furniture pieces. (They also have a much wider selection online, so it’s worth digging around there, as well.)

Sure you might think of Home Depot for all your outdoor gardening needs, but don’t forget those on-trend indoor plants. If you picked up a new one with every trip you took to get lightbulbs or an air filter, you’d have a home filled with happy plants in no time. A new snake plant (good for low light!) or fiddle leaf fig would really spruce up a dead corner or a sad, empty side table. Check out the planters, too.

For the amount of times I was my dad’s sidekick on his weekly trip to Home Depot, I like to think that the hardware store played its part in the village that raised me. I know all kinds of things about different wood and screw types, can tell you about the niche products you can find all the way in the back near the employee break room (acrylic sheets!), as well as some of the more obvious buys (like their lighting). While I don’t love all the lamps and chandeliers offered at HD, you are likely to find a few stylish gems hiding in the aisles if you look past the more traditional options.

Blink and you might miss them, but yes…you can find decorative mirrors at your local Home Depot. If your store is big enough, you may find an aisle dedicated to stylish picks like this on-trend round version.

Not every throw in stock at Home Depot is worthy of a style spotlight, but if you’re willing to sift through the basic options, you can find some real standouts. This fuzzy number comes in five colors and is the perfect way to transition your home to fall.

Gold flatware has been trending for the past few years, and it shows no sign of slowing down. This 20-piece set is a great way to try out the trend, without breaking the bank.

Finding the perfect headboard is no easy feat, especially at a store known primarily for home improvement. But Home Depot actually has a fair amount of eye-catching options as well as neutral basics that will go with just about any home.

Yep, that sleek gold bookcase is actually from Home Depot. And the accent furniture options don’t stop there. HD stocks everything from side tables and coffee tables to wall art and decorative accents.

It seems like just about every store has a blush chesterfield-style sofa on offer these days, and for good reason. The shape is timeless and though the color is very “now,” it’s neutral enough that you won’t tire of it in a few years. This little loveseat is no exception.

*Re-edited from a post that originally appeared 01.07.18