The Best Dehumidifiers to Buy Right Now for Every Budget

updated Jun 7, 2021
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Air conditioners and humidifiers are common in most homes, but dehumidifiers are actually just as useful. Much like an air conditioner cools, a dehumidifier works by taking away moisture in the air. The magic happens inside the unit, where humid air passes through cooling coils, drips away excess water into a tank, and exits as, well, less-moist air. The benefits? A reduction in dust and allergens in the air and help fighting mold and mildew in your home. (You know that “stuffy” feeling your house can get? Yeah, a dehumidifier helps with that.) It can also make your home more comfortable, which is especially useful in the summertime when many areas are prone to blistering heat waves and humidity. So which dehumidifier is best for you? Below, we rounded up nine of the best dehumidifiers around, all with different price points to fit your budget.

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was $34.99

This little guy packs a big punch by working in spaces up to 190 square feet. It automatically shuts off when water needs to be emptied from the tank, and is super portable and light — so you can easily move it from room to room, to your closet, on trips... you get the gist.

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With a nearly perfect five-star rating and over 15,000 reviews, this dehumidifier is clearly a fan favorite. And for good reason — it's quiet, energy-efficient, and easy to empty. It's great for bathrooms, closets, or any other small space.

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was $79.99

This dehumidifier can handle a bit larger of a space, but is still easily portable and simple to use. It's whisper-quiet, which makes it great for bedrooms and nurseries.

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We're all about breathing clean, comfortable air, so if you're looking for a great combination machine, this dehumidifier/air purifier may be the way to go. Featuring a true HEPA-filter, this machine will quietly clean your air while keeping it at a comfortable humidity level all day long.

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was $179.99

An Amazon favorite, this Energy Star-certified dehumidifier has more than 10,000 reviews and an almost five-star rating. It has electronic controls, an easy-clean filter, a 24-hour timer, and wheels to make it easier to move.

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was $245.00

A bit of an upgrade to the last pick, this humidifier can handle a bigger-sized room (plus, it's a Walmart favorite with thousands of glowing reviews.) With a 35-pint capacity and Effortless Humidity Control that allows you to control the exact percentage of humidity in your room, this one is a solid bet for small studio apartments, living rooms, and open concept spaces.

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Home Depot

Removing 50-pints of moisture a day, this dehumidifier is a dream for larger spaces (think: basements and living rooms). Best of all, the wheels stay out of sight, so it looks sleek but is also easily portable. Win-win.

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was $278.99

Designed specifically for high-humidity areas, this Frigidaire pick is a must for those in need of serious dehumidification. Featuring an easy-to-clean washable filter, a portable design, and a multi-speed fan for flexible cooling, this machine also comes with a continuous draining option (hose sold separately) that lets you continuously drain your machine without lifting a finger.

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This sleek option comes with a built-in pump that can attach to an external receptacle so you don't have to constantly empty its bucket. (Even so, its built-in full-bucket indicator and overheat alarms have your back.) Ideal for spaces up to 4,500 square feet, you can confidently place this machine anywhere in your home for successful humidity control.

Sarah M. Vazquez also contributed to reporting.