The 10 Best Draft Stoppers to Keep Coziness High and Energy Bills Low This Winter

updated Dec 2, 2021
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With the blustery winds of winter making their annual return, chances are you’ve started to notice those drafty areas in your home rearing their ugly heads again. Aside from creating anything but a cozy environment, drafts (or air leaks) can be particularly detrimental to your wallet, making seasonal air sealing a must. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, air sealing your home can lead to savings of up to 20 percent per year on your energy bills. With that in mind, we rounded up 10 of the best draft stoppers for your doors, windows, air conditioner, and more, that’ll help you avoid touching that thermostat (and cringing at the sight of your next heating bill).

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An Amazon favorite, this simple, adhesive silicone door draft stopper from Suptikes has close to 3,000 five-star reviews. Customers love it for its quick installation as well as its immediate game-changing performance, with one reviewer noting, "We had cold air coming in our front door. After applying this sealing, I feel warmer than before!" The best part? It comes in a two-pack, so you can take care of that side door, too.

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For a classic draft stopper, we like this weighted door snake from MAGZO. Using a polyester and glass bead filling, it easily and conveniently blocks breezes from door frames and window panes. Available in six sizes and colors, it'll fit your space (and decor) perfectly.

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When it comes to outfitting sliding glass doors, a regular door stopper won't give you the seal you're looking for. Shaped specifically for patio doors, this uniquely designed draft dodger features a thicker, shorter side that fits snugly into your door track and a longer side that covers the width of the second door to ensure no air gets into your space this winter.

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There's nothing that excites us more than a home accessory that offers convenience, and the MAXTID adjustable door draft stopper is just that. Secured to any door via a slim strip of velcro, it stops drafts dead in their tracks. Best of all, the blocker detaches so it can be stashed away when the warmer weather returns.

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Looking for a double-sided draft stopper for your door? This twin design features two sponge tubes that can easily be cut down to the width of your door for a tight, customized fit guaranteed to keep cold from coming in and heat from escaping. Simply measure, cut, and slide it under your doorway.

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Is your little one's room feeling a bit drafty? We've got the perfect solution: a puppy! Well, ok, not a real one (but a lovable one just the same). The Evelots dog draft stopper combines a classic weighted draft stopper with an adorable stuffed animal to create the most helpful pooch around come the chilly winter months.

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A tried-and-true window draft treatment, you can never go wrong with foam insulation tape. Designed to be placed between the tracks and grooves of your windows, it can be cut to size to (ahem) seal the deal.

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If you're finding your windows are especially drafty (and you don't plan on opening them for the season), you might want to invest in a shrink-film window insulation kit. Secured around the perimeter of your window frame, each piece of crystal-clear film is heat shrunk (with the help of a blow dryer) to your window for a tight seal meant to last the length of winter. For a step-by-step tutorial on how to properly apply this insulation, check out our guide.

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If you have an air conditioner that stays put year-round, you need to cover it to prevent a draft from coming in. We like this adjustable AC cover from BRIVIC. Available in four sizes and two colors (white and black), it can be slipped over the unit and fastened with tension cords to keep your home warm all winter.

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While fireplaces themselves are a winter treat, they can also be a major source of cold air when not in use. With a fireplace cover, like this one from Symple Stuff, you can push that worry to the side. Featuring a three-panel design, this cover is solid (unlike the more decorative grates you might be used to). With a stark black finish, wrought-iron construction, and multiple sizes to choose from, it's a fireplace essential.

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Noticing your garage is a bit draftier than usual? It could be time to replace your garage doors' weatherseal strip. Designed with a grooved pattern to prevent freezing to the floor and provide a tight seal on uneven floors, this seal from Clopay prevents wind (and all the dirt and debris that it carries) from entering your garage.