I Just Found the Ultimate, Most Ridiculously Adorable Gift for Dog Parents on Etsy

published Oct 17, 2022
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Credit: Carina Romano

I’ve always considered myself a pretty good gift giver. Before choosing a present, I take into account the recipient’s interests, whether the item is something the person could actually use, and whether it will take up space and create clutter (small-apartment dwellers, you know what I’m talking about). So picking out a present for people has never really been a problem, but a gift for a dog? That’s a whole ‘nother animal. And that was my dilemma when my friend Suzanne invited me to a birthday party for her one-year-old mini Goldendoodle, Emma.

Buying pet gifts can be tricky because some owners are very particular about what they’ll let their furbabies eat, wear, and play with. And Emma already had a lot of stuff — tons of toys and accessories, and a pretty decent wardrobe. So what do you get the dog who has everything? A gift for her mom. I considered getting Suzanne a 3D cheese carving of Emma or a dog-treat box with her face on it — both ideas I learned about on Kitchn — but those options are no longer available. So I turned to an expert: My friend Lisa, who is a proud dog parent to Millie and has written about pet products for several publications. Immediately, she had the answer: A custom stuffed-animal version of Emma.

The plush stuffed animals are handcrafted by Etsy seller DaNangCraft, and come in 4-, 6-, 8-, and 10-inch sizes (prices range from $39 – $79, depending on the size you choose). You can also select the dog’s pose: sitting, standing, or lying down. I opted for a 6-inch version of Emma sitting ($49). The next step was to send the seller high-quality photos of Emma from different angles, so I included a few in which Emma is at her cutest, plus a link to Emma’s Instagram account.

Credit: Suzanne O'Sullivan

The seller immediately responded that my order had been received and that I’d receive photos of the finished product for approval before it was shipped off. About a week later, the photos were in my inbox, and the stuffed toy was perfect — just as adorable as Emma. So much so that I almost wanted to keep it for myself.

But, of course, it was a present for Suzanne, in celebration of Emma. And sure enough, she loved the stuffed animal as much as I did. “It is amazing!” she gushed. Today, mini Emma sits obediently on a shelf in Suzanne’s living room.

Credit: Suzanne O'Sullivan

DaNangCraft’s plush pets just might be the ultimate gift for doting dog parents. It’s a unique way for them to show off their love for their pup, and it’ll definitely give them the warm and fuzzies. I’m pretty sure even Fido will be flattered.