8 of the Best Home Hacks of 2019, According to Reddit

published Dec 26, 2019
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We love finding affordable and creative home solutions on Reddit, and there have been some true gems in the “lifehacks” and “howto” subreddits this year. From a handy way to carry screws while drilling to a new technique for cleaning out your house gutters, take these 10 ideas for a spin—at your own risk, of course.

Add a magnet to your drill for smart screw storage

There’s nothing worse than working on a project and constantly needing to scramble for screws. Reddit user reginaldvontooshface suggests gluing magnets to your drill so that screws can cling to them—that way, they’re always handy.

Credit: Amelia Lawrence/Apartment Therapy

Neatly fold a quilt or duvet to save space in the off-season

Check out this trick for folding a quilt in the neatest manner you’ve ever seen. This may take some practice, but your linen closet will look magazine-worthy in the end.

Credit: g zlotnick

Raid your pantry to be able to find the end of your tape in a snap

Finding the end of your tape is nothing short of frustrating, but you can prevent this by utilizing the plastic tab from your bread bag, says Redditor blakeusa. Easy and free!

Hang a curtain rod at the back of your shower for extra storage

If you’re sharing a shower with several people, all of whom prefer their own products, storage can get tight. One Redditor advises hanging an extra shower rod at the back of the shower and stocking it with shower caddies so you have all the storage you need.

Use a plastic cup so you can drill holes into the ceiling without making a mess

Try attaching a partial plastic cup to your drill to catch any debris that falls while drilling screws into your ceiling for easier cleanup, as demonstrated by Redditor cableguysmith.

Credit: u/WightHouse

Repurpose a grated cheese container for de-icing salt

If you have a leftover parmesan can, fill it with deicing salt and sprinkle away at your driveway in a tidier manner, recommends Reddit user WightHouse.

Credit: Samara Vise

Clean your house gutters from solid ground using PVC pipes

If climbing a ladder isn’t on your agenda today, try attaching a PVC pipe to your leaf blower. This will help you clean your gutters from solid ground.

Credit: adrianbnd

Use shower caddies in the kitchen for renter-friendly spice storage

In small apartments, counter and cabinet space are precious commodities. Try attaching a small suction shower caddy to your backsplash for spice storage, like Redditor adrianbnd did.