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10 IKEA Storage Bed Hacks to Maximize Your Space
IKEA always for the win.
Jan 24, 2024
24 Small Entryway Ideas to Make Any Entrance Grand
A well-organized entryway, with zones for keys, mail, shoes, and outerwear, is a boon to any home. But if your place lacks a decently sized formal greeting spot (particularly ones without a dedicated coat closet), you can still carve out a transition area that will provide some simple storage along with a well-decorated hallway and entry point. Below, some small entryway ideas we love to get you started.
Jan 19, 2024
7 Uses for Tension Rods You’ve Never Thought Of
Few things are as versatile as the humble tension rod. They are cheap and totally removable.
Dec 11, 2023
23 Black and White Kitchens That Prove Timeless Is Best
You can't ever go wrong with this color scheme.
Sep 11, 2023
These Small Backyard Pools Show How to Make a Splash in the Tiniest Spaces
You don't have to have a big backyard to fit in a pool—and if you do have a big backyard, the pool doesn't have to take up the entire thing.
Aug 1, 2023
10 Clever IKEA IVAR Hacks You Can Use All Over the House
Make the most of the solid wood IVAR line with these inventive hacks.
Jan 12, 2023
13 Ideas for What to Do With That Weird Space Above Your Toilet
If you’re living in a home with a small bathroom, you’ll face unique challenges when it comes to decorating and storage options. So don’t let the area above your toilet go to waste! Whether you install art, shelving, or even just accessorize the top of your toilet tank, decorating above a toilet can make all the difference in your bathroom. Below, we’ve rounded up 13 of our favorite ideas for what to do with that weird space above your toilet, from storage to décor.
Dec 20, 2022
How To Repel Fleas with Regular Household Items (Using Smells Fleas Hate!)
There’s a lot to love about having pets, but one of the downsides is the fleas that can sometimes come with them — especially if your pet goes outdoors. Fleas can be a pain to get out of your house, but there are a number of regular household items that can be used to repel and kill them without harming your beloved furry friend (no, not you, Windex). Learn more about these below.
Oct 27, 2022
19 Small Kitchen Pantry Ideas You’ve Got to See to Believe
Sometimes, our real-life kitchens are far from Pinterest goals—like when they lack a pantry. While cleverly organized cabinets can maximize tiny-kitchen storage space, sometimes you need even more spots to stash your food. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite small kitchen pantry ideas for you to try the next time you’re looking to do a storage edit in your kitchen. Even if you’re working with a tight budget (and an even tighter space!
Jun 8, 2022
10 Other Uses for Wine Racks You’ve Got to Try
Easy project hacks you can cheers to!
Jun 2, 2022
What to Do When Your Window Air Conditioner Smells
A smelly air conditioner unit is nothing short of gross. But what can cause these exhaust fumes, or gunmetal, musty/mildew-y, burning… (need we go on?) scents? And better yet, how can you get rid of them? After all, you install your air conditioner to cool down the air in your home, not stink it up with unpleasant odors, some of which might even be potentially dangerous.
Jul 24, 2021
6 Household Uses for Mint
Whether you have a mint plant growing on your windowsill or a bottle of mint essential oil that you’re not sure what to do with, there are several household uses for the herb. Below, six household uses for mint you may not have thought of before.While you’re at it, also be sure to check out our guides on how to grow herbs indoors, what the best indoor herb growing kits are, and the 10 easiest herbs to grow.
Jul 11, 2021
Before and After: A $120 Project Gives a Plain White Bathroom a Bold New Look
The once-boring bathroom is now a compliment magnet.
Jul 7, 2021
11 Beautiful Indoor/Outdoor Bathrooms
If you love spending time in the bathroom, and you love the outdoors, then you'll really love these 11 bathrooms with an outdoor component.
Jun 25, 2021
B&A: A Dark, Cluttered Attic Becomes a Charming Office for $400
This once-cramped space is now the perfect WFH setup.
Jun 17, 2021
Before & After: This Living Room/Dining Space is Packed with Easy, Stylish DIYs
It's become the ultimate lounge spot.
Jun 13, 2021
9 Alluring Dark Bottom Pools That Are Just a Step More Special Than Light Blue
If you’ve ever seen a dark bottom pool, you know how alluring they can be. They’re just a step more special than the average light blue.With their floor and sides plastered or tiled in black or navy, these pools are warmed more easily by the sun, but also can appear cooler and deeper. Their surfaces reflect the nearby landscape for a moody vibe and they’re a beautiful contrast against lighter surroundings.
Jun 8, 2021
Before and After: A Cluttered Bedroom Gets a Stylish, Space-Maximizing Overhaul
Not all closets are created equal. This redo swapped a cluttered one for something way more practical (and beautiful).
Jun 6, 2021
Before and After: This $115 DIY Fridge Makeover Is for Smeg Lovers on a Budget
This easy and clever DIY completely transforms the look of this boring white fridge.
Jun 5, 2021
Reddit's Favorite "Life-Changing" Items Under $10 Prove How Far 10 Bucks Can Go
These 7 picks are worth adding to your toolbox.
May 26, 2021
Before and After: A Bare, Exposed Balcony Becomes a Cozy and Secluded Retreat
This balcony looks like it's fit for a beach resort.
May 26, 2021
Before and After: A "Depressing" White Bedroom Becomes a Cozy, Stylish Retreat
This blank box had a lot of untapped potential.
May 21, 2021
Before & After: This Charming Kitchen Redo Will Make You a Wood Cabinet Convert
The renovation pumps up the charm in this teeny 1943 kitchen.
May 20, 2021
10 of the Best Patio Redo Ideas Ever, from Colorful Paint Jobs to Shady Pergolas
If you want to give your outdoor space a refresh this summer, start here.
May 19, 2021
Before and After: A $1100 Redo Turns a Bare Patio into Cozy Central
If warm weather has you itching to redo your outdoor space, take inspo from this gorgeous redo.
May 16, 2021
B&A: A Paint-Free, One-Weekend Makeover Peps Up a Bathroom
If you’re looking for paint project inspiration, there’s plenty to choose from — everything from white-on-white Scandi-style redos to dark and dramatic paint makeovers. It’s no secret that a can of paint and a paintbrush can go a long way in transforming a space. But sometimes you can make a big impact without picking up a can of paint at all.Take this bathroom redo from homeowner Lindsey Mitlyng, which she pulled off without a single drop of paint.
May 12, 2021
6 Tips for Applying Peel-and-Stick Backsplash Like a Pro
Want your peel-and-stick to look ultra high-end? Try these tips from DIYers who have pulled it off.
May 5, 2021
The 11 Best Upcycled Furniture Redos We've Ever Seen
Need inspiration for your next Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace furniture flip? We've got you.
May 3, 2021
9 Plastic Wrap Alternatives
We hate to hear it, but it’s the truth: Plastic wrap is bad for the environment. So for a more sustainable kitchen, we’ve been switching to reusable alternatives. Don’t know where to start when it comes to replacing your disposable plastic wrap? Then check out the ideas below.For smaller items, repurposed glass jars work perfectly. They have the see-through nature of plastic wrap and can be popped in the dishwasher after being used.
Apr 12, 2021
12 of the Best Kitchen Cabinet Redo Ideas of All Time
These fresh ideas can help make your dated or boring cabinetry look like a million bucks.
Apr 1, 2021
3 Things Always Worth Buying Secondhand—and One to Skip
Pro advice on the best (and worst) things to buy used.
Aug 7, 2020
The Best Tips for Saving Time and Money on Your Next Reno, According to Reddit
You'll want to save these smart tricks for later.
Feb 10, 2020
The "House Sandwich" Method is the Pro-Approved Way to Renovate Your Old Home
We've got the expert take on where to start, and what to look for.
Jan 29, 2020
The $10 Item Pros Recommend for Rescuing Your Floors from Winter Grossness
It's all about prevention.
Jan 25, 2020
The Best Bold Wall Color Transformations We Saw This Year
These stunners will have you running to the paint store on the double.
Jan 3, 2020
18 Ways to Use Table Salt, Your Lunchtime Standby
Your salt shaker doesn’t have to stay strapped to the kitchen table. We’ve got 18 ways to put it to work all around your house.
Dec 29, 2019