13 Ideas for What to Do With That Weird Space Above Your Toilet

updated Dec 20, 2022
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If you’re living in a home with a small bathroom, you’ll face unique challenges when it comes to decorating and storage options. So don’t let the area above your toilet go to waste! Whether you install art, shelving, or even just accessorize the top of your toilet tank, decorating above a toilet can make all the difference in your bathroom.

Below, we’ve rounded up 13 of our favorite ideas for what to do with that weird space above your toilet, from storage to décor.

Credit: @decoist

1. Lean a ladder with hanging baskets.

Looking for a chic, trendy way to add more storage to your bathroom? Add a rustic towel ladder to the space above your toilet. Take it a step further (get it?) by adding a few wire baskets to hold small items, like the one shown here by @decoist

2. Double up on decor. 

An abundance of matchy decor is certainly one way of decorating above a toilet. We love how this space by @renovation_of_our_house looks nice and neat, despite having many items near and above the toilet. 

3. Add seasonal decor. 

Keep things festive despite the diminutive size of your bathroom when you incorporate seasonal items while you’re decorating above a toilet. We love this adorable holiday scene @societystinks13 created in their bathroom. 

4. Install a windowsill.

For those with a window in your bathroom, take the opportunity to deco it out (Emma J Shipley). Add plants along the window sill for fun, or paint the trim of the window a bold color.

5. Maximize your mirror space.

Don’t limit your mirror space to only above the sink. Extend it all the way over to the toilet to maximize that wall space. Plus who doesn’t love an unconfined rectangle mirror?

6. Hang framed artwork.

It doesn’t get simpler than the bathroom in this Eagan, Minnesota home: Hang framed artwork that matches your bathroom’s décor scheme above the toilet.

7. Add a storage shelf.

If you add live plants, ceramics, and more, shelving for storage can also double as décor

Credit: Sandra Regalado

8. Take advantage of built-ins.

If there’s already a shelf above your toilet, you’re ahead of the game when it comes to decorating above a toilet! Make sure to accessorize it with plants, perfumes, and tchotchkes.

9. The shelf/rod combo.

Don’t waste any potential storage space. This Chicago apartment has both a towel rod and a shelf with frames and foliage above the toilet.

10. Art and ceramics.

Try hanging framed art and then decorating the toilet tank with pretty ceramics, like in this small bathroom

11. Install a long shelf.

Your shelf doesn’t have to end above your toilet. For more storage and décor space, extend it over your sink too, as seen in this Chicago condo.

Credit: Jessie Ruane

12. The shelf + framed art + toilet tank décor combo.

You can do it all, as seen in this rental apartment. Decorate a shelf, hang some art, and place live plants and ceramics on your toilet tank to get the look.

13. Create a setup.

Between the shelf, framed art, sconce and décor accents, we can’t get enough of this little bathroom décor setup.