7 Ways to Completely Rethink Your Window Sills

updated Mar 28, 2021
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Of the small spaces in your home, window sills might be the most underrated. Other than collecting dust and bracing for impact everytime the blinds are drawn, they’re rarely given a second glance. But these spaces deserve a little more credit for their adaptability and not what they are, but what they can so easily become. That’s right — your sills have major potential.

Maybe you’ve rethought that area already and added a plant or two, but have you considered revamping it into an entire plant wall? Or making it work in tandem with a small table to create the best bedside setup you’ve ever dreamed of? Or even pushing furniture in front to use the windowsill as seating?

If you’ve yet to brainstorm all the cool ways you can throw these into your design plans, then these seven ideas will most definitely get you started on the path to window creativity and help you modify these formerly underwhelming ledges into storage space, decoration dioramas, and statements all on their own.

Make a sill into a sitting space.

With a little imaginative rearranging, even the smallest sills can turn into a cozy reading nook. Pushing a bench or a set of cabinets in front of a window with some added pillows and cushions instantly turns some unused floorspace into the DIY equivalent of a bay window, like seen here in this light and airy Dutch home.

Create a mini greenhouse.

For wider sills that don’t have much use, repurposing them into a small plant display of sorts can work wonders, just take a peek at this gorgeous New York farmhouse. It adds some greenery to a room that doesn’t always see it, and with a little more growth, plants can even serve as extra privacy, too.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Build out a bedside table.

Pile up all your favorite books and water carafes on a window sill with extra surface area. This can be pulled off as a stunning impromptu bedside table, proven by this chic industrial Brooklyn apartment. Keep it as is, or add a rustic box for some extra storage camouflaged as decor. A coat of paint can completely transform your window sill.

Credit: Sarah Crowly

Organize your cooking and baking supplies.

All the little knick-knacks and doodads that don’t really have a designated spot (ahem, cupcake tin liners and cookie cutters for instance) can find a home on a window sill. Find a few glass vessels—antique or vintage look ultra cool—and pile them high with these items for an organization solution that looks quirky and fun.

Show off all your reads.

If a bedside table is already checked off your to-do list, copy this eclectic Melbourne home and use your window sill as an overflow bookshelf. You can color-code it, display your favorite novels of all-time, or stash away that pile of books you can’t wait to read for the rest of the month.

Set up extra storage.

Whether you have frequent visitors or need more room for essentials, your window sill can provide more space than you might expect. Like in this gorgeous Oakland apartment, which houses cookie canisters, spice jars, and cutting boards all on window sills and shelves.

Credit: Viv Yapp

Construct an accent wall.

Turning a window into a wall sounds counterintuitive—who doesn’t love letting natural light in? But if you do it like his pretty London flat, you’ll not only have the coolest accent wall of all your friends, but you can grow your plant collection and still sip your coffee in that comforting morning light.

(Image credit: Jacqueline Marque)