19 Clever Ideas for Bathroom Wall Storage

updated Jan 30, 2024
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Credit: Liz Calka

One of the main struggles in a small bathroom is the lack of storage. You can streamline your belongings, sure, but there are always a few necessities you’ll want in your bathroom, such as towels and washcloths, soap, toothpaste, etc. Where should you put all of that stuff? Some small bathrooms have very little — or nothing at all — in the way of storage cabinets or closets, which is when more enterprising small space dwellers turn to a less obvious storage spot: the wall. 

Up ahead you’ll find 19 smart bathroom wall storage ideas that’ll help you make use of your wall space so you can fit what you need into your bath’s small footprint.

1. Use towel hooks.

If you don’t have the space for a towel bar, think small and grab some hooks to keep your towels on. Consider pairing some cute towels with your bathroom art to enhance your decor while improving your organization, like in this Barcelona apartment. This solution is even easy for renters thanks to 3M’s wonderful Command Hooks.

2. Hang your bath accessories.

Small spaces often leave bathers with no space space for loofahs and sponges. Fortunately, many of these products are sold on a rope so they can easily be hung up by the tub. If you don’t like the look of plain hooks on the wall, consider using decorative hooks to spruce things up, like in this North Carolina rental.

Credit: Sandra Regalado

3. Take advantage of awkward spaces.

Some small bathrooms have weird layouts to ensure there’s enough space for the sink, toilet, and shower. These floorplans often have awkward spaces that require creative thinking to properly utilize. Case in point —the tiny wall space in this Barcelona apartment sits just around the corner from the toilet and shower. It is perfect for a shelf that can store items in an area accessible from the shower and sink.

Credit: Britt Deyan

4. Stack your shelves.

If one shelf won’t cut it when it comes to shelving for a small bathroom, why not try two? Stack two identical shelves on top of one another to double up on vertical space, like you see in this San Francisco bathroom

5. Add a decorative ladder.

Sure, you can use a ladder for practical things like towels, but you can also add a decorative ladder to your bathroom for things like plants or accessories. This Charlotte, North Carolina bathroom sets a sweet tone by using a ladder to house plants. 

Credit: Kris Ladera

6. Suspend your soap and a towel.

If your space lacks shelving for a small bathroom, why not simply mount your handwashing accessories right onto the wall, like this Houston, Texas bathroom showcases. 

Credit: Carina Romano

7. Test the waters with a shower niche.

No shelves in the shower can prove to be problematic, which is where a niche comes in handy. Installing one of these cut outs, like this airy and minimalist Philadelphia home has done, takes all of your shampoo bottles and other shower goodies off the ground and keeps them organized and out of the way.

Credit: Lana Kenney

8. Hunt for the perfect antique.

Convenient storage isn’t limited to only vanity cabinets and plastic drawer units. Try scoping out antique shops or websites to see if you can find a cool pint-sized cupboard you can hang up that’ll serve major looks and utility like the blue wooden version in this Cape Town home. Plus, your skincare collection will look tidy and be easy to find if you choose something with a glass-front door!

9. Make it purely decorative.

This gorgeous New Jersey abode proves that not every shelf, ledge, and drawer has to be solely for utility. If you’ve found that you’re good on storage but don’t have a square inch left for chic accents, bring in the wall-mounted shelving to make sure every room in your home gets a splash of personality — even the powder room!

Credit: Liz Calka

10. Maximize space with an ultra slim shelf.

Even the tiniest spaces can fit a shelf. While it may look impossible, this pencil-thin shelf in a colorful Washington D.C. bathroom shows how you can create storage space almost out of thin air. The addition of a glass wall-mounted shelf or something similar means more room for things that matter, like your toothbrush and a plant, of course.

11. Don’t underestimate the space above your loo.

Another great spot for wall-mounted shelves? Above the toilet. Finding a spot for all that extra toilet paper can be tricky, but in this bathroom from Brooklyn Limestone, stacking toilet paper on shelves above the loo makes a stylish statement.

Credit: Ikea

12. Cover it up.

If you prefer to conceal your paper, you can opt for a wall-mounted cabinet above the toilet, like this one from IKEA. I once had a boss at an architecture firm who called these “head-banger” cabinets, but you can avoid that by choosing one with a slim profile.

13. Go for something narrow.

In this bathroom from Rock My Style, a tall and thin wall-mounted cabinet revolutionizes the storage situation. Wall-mounted cabinets feel visually lighter than ones that sit on the floor, and they can actually take up less space, too.

14. Notice those nooks.

If there’s a little space between your toilet and the wall, that could be a great place for some shelves, like these from The Order Obsessed. These particular shelves take advantage of a deeper nook, but even if your shelves are only three or four inches deep, they can hold toilet paper and bathroom supplies.

Credit: Zevy Joy

15. Build out an area with baskets.

In this bathroom spotted on Zevy Joy, a series of baskets, mounted to the wall, is the perfect landing spot for towels of various sizes. This is the shelves-above-the-toilet look, but with a textural twist.

16. Get wired up.

In this bathroom from This Charming Life, a wire basket, mounted to the wall beside the sink, holds toiletries but keeps them within easy reach. This is a great way to supplement an overtaxed medicine cabinet.

Credit: IKEA

17. Make room above your door.

Another place to look for storage is above the door. These wire shelves from IKEA hold extra towels and supplies, and since they’re up high, they can be quite deep without protruding too far into the room.

18. Test out a door caddy.

You can also add storage behind the door with a wall-mounted storage system, like this Elfa one from Howards Storage World. You can find more examples at the Container Store. (If you don’t like everything out in the open, these may not be an ideal solution, but I once had a pantry with a rack like this on the door, and you’d be shocked how much they can hold.)

Credit: IKEA

19. Slim down your cupboards.

IKEA’s Trones storage boxes are designed for shoes, but their slim profile makes them a great candidate for all kinds of other storage too, particularly in places where space is at a premium. They’re only 7 inches deep and can slip into little nooks and crannies, providing a perfect catchall for bathroom necessities.