7 Ways to Organize a Bathroom Without a Medicine Cabinet or Drawers

updated Mar 11, 2020
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So, you’re stuck in a tiny bathroom, and you don’t even have a medicine cabinet for your toiletries to call home—now what? It may seem like you’ve got no potential for stylish and functional storage, but all hope is not lost. There are plenty of ways you can sneak in extra storage in a cabinet-less bathroom. If you need inspiration, here are some solutions and projects to try.

Looking for more small-space organizing solutions?

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Make your door do double-duty

A hanging shoe organizer that goes over your door (like the one we spotted on Bustle) can help you take advantage of vertical space that won’t get in the way. You can use the pockets to store just about anything from beauty products and toiletries to wash clothes, cleaning supplies and more. If you’ve got extra budget, you can upgrade to a door-mounted cabinet, like this one from Amazon, that functions like a medicine cabinet and a vanity—its perfect for small space renters.

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Don’t waste the space over your toilet

Other ways to use vertical space in your bathroom? Add storage over your toilet—or at least put a basket or organizers on the back of it. A wall-mounted shelf or two will always look sleek and beautiful.

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Declutter your counter with organizers

If all you have is counter space, make the most of it with baskets and organizers. A tiered basket like the one see on Golden Boys & Me can help you store a lot of stuff without taking over your entire counter, but you can also use trinket trays and interesting organizers with drawers for small items to make your space work for you.

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Hang a magnet board for beauty items

A DIY magnet board, like this project from POPSUGAR Beauty is another way to make use of vertical space and keep things from cluttering your counter. Try adding magnets to small cosmetics and putting small metal items (like bobby pins and tweezers) on a magnetic board that either hangs on the wall or leans on the counter. You could also try a magnetic strip (like the kind used in kitchens as a knife rack) to hold small bathroom items—mount it on the wall, or inside a drawer, if you have one, to maximize hidden storage.

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Put a mini shelf over your faucet

A small riser shelf like this one from Period Bath can help you add a little extra space to a small countertop by making use of the space over your faucet. It’s a great place to stash razors, soap and other small items that you don’t have a place for otherwise.

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Make space on your shower curtain

You can store extra stuff inside your shower by adding in an extra curtain rod—you can add baskets or hang individual items like in the example from Hometalk, and you can install the rod either inside your shower curtain, or against the inside walls. You can also opt to replace your shower curtain with one with pockets, like this storage shower curtain from Amazon, to store shower essentials or vanity essentials, depending on which way you hang it.

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Repurpose a bar cart with bath essentials

If you have the space, a bar cart can cure your cabinet-free woes. It’ll give you space to store tons of items, and since it’s on wheels, you can move it out of the way whenever necessary. There’s an example at HB Home Design that shows how you can make a cart a functional space without sacrificing style.

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