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Some storage spots are easier to ignore than others which means house clutter tends to accumulate and linger there far longer than it should. We give those spots the side eye (and ourselves a mental reprimand) every time we walk by, but we often need a nudge to actually deal with the trouble spot. Consider this post a friendly little prod in the direction of your bathroom sink, and all the stuff currently hiding beneath it.
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If you’ve got a small bathroom, you’re really making a fatal design and storage mistake by not including these five smart storage tools. These five items will give you more storage space, make your existing storage space more efficient and make using your small bathroom a lot more enjoyable. Hate opening your bathroom drawers to a jumble of toiletries? Create your own affordable drawer dividers to transform those junk drawers into spaces that make you happy to open and use every day.
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When it comes to stocking your first home, it’s easy to see why the bathroom could be an afterthought. After all, you’ve got furniture to add to your living room, and pots and pans and tons of tools and appliances to purchase for your kitchen. But bathroom essentials are every bit as important as the things you’ll need for other rooms of your home. Remember, not only will you use your bathroom multiple times a day, any guests that come to your house may use it as well.
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Welcome back to One Good Thing!!! I’m excited as ever this week because it’s FALL (and I love fall), and we’re rolling into our new season of OGTs, AND this one was so successful that my daughter stole all the props to build this into her own bathroom. It’s the best vote I could get.What is it that I’m talking about? I’m talking about taking tension rod hacks to the next level with a BIG DADDY TENSION ROD with which to make your shower storage even better.
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