A Bold New Jersey Home Shows How to Add Personality to a New Build


A Bold New Jersey Home Shows How to Add Personality to a New Build

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Name: Tiffany, my husband, daughter, and son and ( Choco the “chocolate” cockapoo)
Location: Rahway, New Jersey
Size: 3000 square feet
Years lived in: 8 years, owned

I have loved decor since I was a little girl. I enjoyed styling my bedroom in different ways, painting over old furniture and “wallpapering” my walls with amazing pages from magazines.   I guess I’ve always known that a home should be beautiful as well and attainable. While I LOVE beautiful spaces, I truly believe you can achieve the look you want without emptying your wallet completely in the process!  All homes should have a good mix of high and low, new and vintage. I wanted my home to tell a story, to give you a real sense of who we are as individuals and as a family. 

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: I love this question because I get to explain what is behind many of my design decisions (to those who may actually care lol)! My style is a definite mish-mosh of many different decor aesthetics. I happen to love the Art Deco look of the ’20s and very early ’30s (before the Great Depression of course) as well as the funky lines and shapes of the ’80s. I can also really get behind a nice traditional piece of furniture or certain home accessories. The ’60s and ’70s were eras to my all-time favorite style, mid-century modern. The clean lines and warm wood tones just get to me every single time! 

Inspiration: My biggest inspiration I would have to say would be my mother. She was such a risk taker. You hear all the time now of people painting their floors; well my mom painted her beat-up hardwood floors in the ’70s (that was not very on trend at that time!) She also had a beautiful bold red sofa that was the inspiration for my very own first sofa years later when I moved out on my own. As a young girl my mom had a subscription to Better Homes & Gardens magazine and every month I would wait for that glorious magazine to come so I could spend hours reading and looking at the pictures—always trying to replicate what was on the pages in our own home in NYC.

Favorite Element: I love the way light filters into our home, especially in the middle of the day; we don’t have a ton of windows but each room gets a substantial amount of sunlight nonetheless. I also love the size of all of our bedrooms; that was the second feature that sold me on this home. 

Biggest Challenge: The biggest challenge has been that because the house was brand new when we moved in, there was no real character; no soul. I’ve endeavored to be extremely thoughtful in the selection of furnishings and accessories that we have all with the intent to infuse our home with personality. I want it to be fun, comfortable, and inviting, all while being stylish and glam and most importantly on a BUDGET lol! 

Proudest DIY: I have a few but two that really are at the top of my list would have to be our laundry room. The location of the room (upstairs with all the bedrooms) sold me on this house. However I always knew that we would need to make it special. This space went from drab to fab in six weeks and on a mega tight budget. I did all the painting and installed the wallpaper myself (something I was terrified to do) and the hubster installed the new light fixture. I painted the utility sink in a sexy high gloss black and laid down new faux marble floor tiles as well. All for less than $600! 

My other proud decor moment would be the entryway refresh. It’s a visual testament to how a little goes a long way. I didn’t have the courage to paint the stair risers (I’m such a sloppy painter) so I used terrazzo contact paper and covered the risers for a fresh new look. I also painted the banisters a matte black and added a big fun tassel to the end and there you go! A totally new look on a mega budget! My favorite kind of DIY!

Biggest Indulgence: Presently, our sectional sofa is one of our favorites indulgences but we have plans for a ”few” more in the near future.

Best Advice: Take your time with decor. You want your home to reflect you and your personality. Live in the space for a while, see how you move in it and then after you’ve nailed that down, 100% go for it! Always, always, ALWAYS buy what you love even if they’re polar opposites design wise; if you love it, it will all work together. Last but not least, go for the bold! Paint your room black if that resonates with you, buy that colorful and bright abstract painting, have fun with your spaces. That was my line of thinking with our powder room. As it is such a small space and isn’t used on a daily basis, I totally went for it with the wallpaper. I feel like I get a little “surprise” every time I open the door!

What’s your best home secret? Facebook Marketplace, hands down! I have found some of my most fantastic gems on the site. Also, be sure to have a dedicated place for everything. That way you put your items back where they belong each day, and that cuts down on the big cleaning that you may otherwise need to do. 







  • Banquet  — ​DIY 
  • Banquet seating Fabric — Spoonflower
  • Shelving — IKEA


  • Curtains — IKEA (similar)
  • Desk — West Elm ( discontinued)
  • Bedding — Spoonflowe



Thanks Tiffany!