7 Uses for Tension Rods You’ve Never Thought Of

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Few things are as versatile as the humble tension rod. They are cheap and totally removable. They are great for those awkward areas where nothing else fits and don’t do any damage to walls, closets, or cabinets. Some of their uses are obvious, but there are others you might not have ever considered. Check out the creative uses for tension rods below.

1. For Shoe Storage

This hack only costs $31 and uses tension rods and hangers to store shoes up off the ground. 

2. As a Kitchen Utensil Holder

Kitchen utensils are easy to reach with this above-stove tension rod hack by Jillee Nystul of One Good Thing. She hangs the utensils off of shower rings.

3. For Pot and Pan Storage

Katie Colton organized her pan cupboard by hanging her pots and pans up using a tension rod. This way, every piece is on display and easy to find.

4. As a Way to Store Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper can be tough to store, but tension rods display it beautifully, as well as ribbon. Azure MacCannell recommends popping the tension rods into a closet or bookcase.

(Image credit: In My Own Style)

5. As a Craft Supply Solution

For craft supply addicts, these adjustable bars are perfect for hanging ribbon, washi tape, wrapping paper, or other materials.

(Image credit: Alejandra.tv)

6. As a Paper Towel Holder

If you are sick of paper towels living on your kitchen counter, try storing them inside one of your cabinets instead.

(Image credit: Danielle Oakey Interiors)

7. To Hang Bed Skirts

In kids’ rooms and dorms, hang curtains from high loft beds (like this one from Danielle Oakey) to hide whatever is down below.