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This Genius $31 Shoe Storage Hack Takes Advantage of An Unused Spot in Your Closet

published Jan 5, 2020
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Credit: Katy Cartland

Since you probably own more pairs of shoes than, say, sweaters, it can be tricky to come up with strategies for storing them. Creative shoe storage like over-the-door or under-the-bed shoe organizers become even more important if you have limited storage space (or if you just have tons of shoes).

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If you’re looking for a simple shoe-storage solution that keeps your footwear accessible and visible without taking up tons of extra room in your closet, we’ve got the ideal hack for you: Hang up your shoes like you hang your clothes!

This technique is great because it keeps your shoes organized (perfect for those mornings when you can’t decide what to wear). But hanging your shoes also makes use of previously unused space in your closet and doesn’t take up precious floor space. Plus, it will work for all your shoes, including sandals, heels, and boots!

Here’s how to create hanging shoe storage in your closet:

Credit: Katy Cartland

How to hang your shoes in your closet

It all starts with a tension rod and some special, affordable hangers.

Credit: Katy Cartland

First and most importantly, purchase some shoe hangers! These stainless steel hangers are sturdy and fairly inexpensive. They come in packs of four, so figure out how many shoes you want to hang, and buy accordingly.

Credit: Katy Cartland

Install a tension rod somewhere in your closet. You can use this hack to make use of any clearance at the far edges inside your closet, or just hang a tension rod above or below your normal closes rod. Anywhere a tension rod can fit, you can turn that space into shoe storage! (With a little more clearance, you could also hang those above shoe hangers double- or triple-high—they stack.)

Credit: Katy Cartland

The normal shoe hangers are ideal for all your shorter shoes, heels, and sandals. For all your knee-high or taller boots, don’t forget to grab some special clip hangers like these

Credit: Katy Cartland

Don’t want to invest in new hangers or just not into the idea of hanging your shoes? Don’t worry: There’s an equally easy and effective storage alternative for you. Just install two tension rods in your closet—one in front and one in the back—to act like a built-in shoe shelf.

Credit: Katy Cartland

You can also hook heeled shoes onto a single tension rod to really maximize storage with very few extra materials.

If you find you don’t have enough room for all your shoes in your closet, try out a seasonal rotation. For example, if it’s cold out now, you can store your sandals under the bed or in another storage space, then swap them out with your other shoes and boots when the weather gets warmer. Gone are the days of piled-up shoes in your bedroom closet!