9 Alluring Dark Bottom Pools That Are Just a Step More Special Than Light Blue

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If you’ve ever seen a dark bottom pool, you know how alluring they can be. They’re just a step more special than the average light blue.

With their floor and sides plastered or tiled in black or navy, these pools are warmed more easily by the sun, but also can appear cooler and deeper. Their surfaces reflect the nearby landscape for a moody vibe and they’re a beautiful contrast against lighter surroundings. 

Below, nine of our favorite dark bottom pool examples, from small to large. Or, if you’re just here to daydream, check out these portable pools for a more affordable fix.

Credit: Caitlin Atkinson

Dark and Woody

This modern yard by Johnston Vidal Projects is taken to the next level with a dark bottom pool. We love how it looks surrounded by the rustic wood deck.

Credit: PoolCorp

Deep Blue Contrast

This deep blue pool from PoolCorp plays beautifully against the light tile and the white house exterior surrounding it.

Natural Beauty

This pool by Johnston Vidal Projects has a high-end look thanks to its dark hue. The overall effect is subtle and subdued against the natural surroundings.

Pop of Dark

This petite pool designed by Linenwood Home pops against the lighter deck and furniture. We love how the pool chairs and umbrella contrast against its deep blue hue.

Sleek and Modern

The large-format black tiles in this pool by Marc Merckx Interiors look both unexpected and high-end. They reflect the geometric lines of the home.

A Deep Oasis

How refreshing does this deep blue pool designed by Sarah Martin look in the middle of this vibrant green yard? We love the diamond tiles around it.

Simple and Subdued

The color contrast between this Destin, Florida pool photographed by Realtor Candace Floyd and the warm-tone tiles that surround it is simplicity at its finest.

Deep and Dark

The infinity edge on this large, deep blue pool at boutique hotel Villa Coco in Panama helps it blend almost seamlessly with its lush environment.

Hot Tub Time

Your hot tub can be dark too, as seen in this Temecula, California pool by BlueFin Pools.