15 Home Renovation Shows So Good You’ll Binge-Watch Them in a Week

published Apr 10, 2024
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Are you looking to add some home inspiration to your binge-watching lineup? Luckily home renovation shows are everywhere these days, and there’s one for every niche, from farmhouses to tiny homes. There are small-town stars and real estate meets interior design celebrities and renovation experts who are ready to get their hands dirty. You could spend days watching every home renovation show currently on air and not even begin to scratch the surface of DIY projects, sledgehammer demos, and creative and affordable design solutions.

So, the next time you want to tune in for some home decor inspiration, here are 15 home renovation shows that are at the top of our list.

Home Town

Ben and Erin Napier are the sweethearts of their hometown, Laurel, Mississippi. On their HGTV show, Home Town, they make over houses in their small Southern town, giving each one personal touches that reflect the owners. There’s an emphasis on restoration and history, but each space feels fresh and personalized.

You can watch Home Town on Discovery Plus, Hulu, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

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Farmhouse Fixer

Watch HGTV’s Farmhouse Fixer, and you’ll fall in love with the old New England farmhouses the hosts, Jonathan and Kristina, restore. These two have a talent for bringing history back to life in the picturesque New England countryside. But, continue to watch, and you’ll start to realize Jonathan’s name sounds familiar — yes, he’s a former New Kid on the Block member turned renovation expert.

You can watch Farmhouse Fixer on Discovery Plus, Pluto TV, Hulu, fuboTV, Roku, and more.

The Established Home

Magnolia Network’s The Established Home follows interior designer Jean Stoffer through her projects in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her spaces are moody, beautiful, and elegant, and the show does a wonderful job balancing both Stoffer as a main character and her work.

You can watch The Established Home on Discovery Plus, fuboTV, Max, Hulu, YouTube TV, and more.

The Great Interior Design Challenge

While it only had four seasons and ended in 2017, The Great Interior Design Challenge is still worth tracking down on Peacock and other streaming platforms where you can watch it for free. This British show, hosted by architectural historian Tom Dyckhoff, is an elimination-style interior design challenge where aspiring and experienced designers compete against each other each week. The style is often colorful, bold, and out of the box, making it perfect for catching some DIY inspiration for your own home.

You can watch The Great Interior Design Challenge on Peacock, Roku, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

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Fixer Upper

Chip and Joanna Gaines are now household names, thanks to their iconic HGTV show, Fixer Upper. This Texas couple started by flipping homes in Waco, and they’ve now turned the show into an empire and a network — Magnolia. They’ve started trends (shiplap, anyone?) and inspired an entire generation of would-be DIY renovators. Their show is now in spin-off mode, with shows like Fixer Upper: The Lakehouse debuting in 2024.

You can watch The Established Home on Discovery Plus, fuboTV, Max, Hulu, YouTube TV, and more.

Love It or List It

Everyone’s favorite Canadian duo, designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin, have been tackling the age-old question for years now on their HGTV show, Love It or List It: Should you stay or should you go? They present homeowners with their two options: Renovate their house or list their house. Add in a dose of saucy personality from each host and you have a show that’s been a favorite season after season.

You can watch Love It or List It on Discovery Plus, Sling TV, Philo, Hulu, YouTube TV, and more.

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Cheap Old Houses

If you’re endlessly curious about all the old houses out there that have yet to be saved, then Elizabeth and Ethan Finkelstein are the two to watch. Their HGTV show Cheap Old Houses was born out of their immensely popular Instagram account. On the show, they explore cheap old houses, pointing out the potential and what could be done. They also visit homeowners who’ve saved cheap old houses to see what they’ve done with their pre-loved homes.

You can watch Cheap Old Houses on Hulu, Roku, Sling TV, Discovery Plus, and more.

This Old House

Of course, there’s the original. This Old House has aired on PBS since 1979, and it’s continuing to churn out new episodes. The show follows the renovations, trials, and tribulations of old houses, but there’s no specific period that defines the projects they take on. You could see a 1900s Queen Anne Victorian or a 1960s mid-century ranch. It’s the diversity of what they work on and the knowledge they share that has kept this show on the air for decades.

You can watch This Old House on PBS, Roku, PlutoTV, Amazon,Tubi, and more.

Fixer to Fabulous

Another husband-and-wife duo, HGTV’s Dave and Jenny Marrs renovate homes in their hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas. They’ve touched over 300 houses, many of them historic, and given them an updated but classic look. The couple is now traveling to Italy for a Fixer to Fabulous spinoff where they’ll tackle an exciting new project: an Italian villa.

You can watch Fixer to Fabulous on The Roku Channel, Max, Discovery Plus, Sling TV, Philo, Amazon Prime, and more.

Dream Home Makeover

While Dream Home Makeover is no longer making new episodes, it’s still one of the best shows for decor inspiration, thanks to the eye of Shea and Syd McGee. The couple behind Studio McGee has a talent for soft, warm design that feels both elegant and approachable. They brought that same look to their show with Netflix, where they created gorgeous dream homes for each of their clients.

You can watch Dream Home Makeover on Netflix.

Restored by the Fords

Brother-and-sister team Steve Ford and Leanne Ford are Pittsburgh natives who are taking on renovation projects in and around their hometown. On their HGTV show Restored by the Fords, the two tackle renovations throughout the Pittsburgh area, infusing older homes with eclectic style and unexpected design choices.

You can watch Restored by the Fords on Discovery Plus, fuboTV, Philo, Hulu, and more.

No Demo Reno

Have you wondered what’s possible without wielding a sledgehammer? Do you want to make updates but don’t have the budget for a major renovation? On her HGTV show, No Demo Reno, Jennifer Todryk shares clever remodeling projects throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area where she makes a major impact without a major renovation.

You can watch No Demo Reno on Discovery Plus, Max, Sling TV, Philo, Hulu, and more.

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Tiny House, Big Living

If you’ve ever been curious about what it’s really like to live in a tiny house, then HGTV’s Tiny House, Big Living is the show for you. This show looks at the realities of living in a tiny house, whether it’s travel nurses living in a mobile tiny home that they can take to each assignment or a family of five sharing a house with nesting beds.

You can watch Tiny House, Big Living on Discovery Plus, Philo, and Hulu.

Flip or Flop

Flip or Flop ended in 2022 after 10 seasons, but that means there’s a huge back catalog of episodes to catch up on from this HGTV hit. Stars Tarek El Moussa and Christina Hall were married — then they weren’t, but they continued as business and renovation partners. The pair started flipped homes across Orange County, California, following the 2008 real estate crash and they were enormously successful both in flipping and turning their work into entertainment.

You can watch Flip or Flop on Discovery Plus, Max, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Roku, and more.

Celebrity IOU

What would a home renovation show roundup be without the Property Brothers? Twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott’s latest HGTV show, Celebrity IOU, takes a heartwarming turn by combining celebrities and home renovations. In each episode, they bring on a celebrity who renovates a home for someone who’s made a big impact on their life (think: Taraji P. Henson surprising her housekeeper with a backyard makeover, Jay Leno giving a former intern a nursery renovation, and Halle Berry remodeling her fifth-grade teacher’s home).

You can watch Celebrity IOU on Max, YouTube, Discovery Plus, Roku, Hulu, Philo, and more.