11 Plant Care Staples We’re Buying at IKEA for Under $30

updated Oct 7, 2019
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Credit: IKEA

There’s something special about having a space full of plants. They add color, energy, and oh yeah, they’re good for the air, too.

With plants becoming more and more of a decor staple for people of all ages, styles, and backgrounds, knowing where to buy affordable supplies and accessories for those plants is helpful. Much like almost everything else you need for a house, turns out IKEA is a pretty good option for plant shopping.

Here are some of our favorite plant care staples at IKEA—all $30 or (way) less!

Credit: IKEA

1. SOCKER Greenhouse

Interested in having your own mini greenhouse in your kitchen or bathroom? IKEA has you covered with this little guy.

Buy it: SOCKER Greenhouse, $19.99

Credit: IKEA

2. VATTENKRASSE Watering Can

Have you ever seen a more chic watering can? Stop using your bedside glass of water to fill up your plants and use this instead.

Credit: IKEA

3. PS FEJO Self-Watering Pot

If you travel a lot or tend to forget about certain thirsty plants, this less-than-$20 self-watering pot is a great option to have on hand.

Credit: IKEA

4. TOMAT Spray Bottle

Keeping a spray bottle on hand and full at all times is the easiest way to get yourself to water plants every morning. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and makes sure your plants are evenly watered without soaking them. As an added bonus, this is literally less than $1.

Buy it: TOMAT Spray Bottle, 99 cents

Credit: IKEA

5. AVANDBAR Hanging Plant Holder

This hanging plant holder is cute, less than $13, and looks exactly like something you would pay a ton of money for anywhere else. You might as well buy two or three at this rate.

Credit: IKEA

6. SATSUMAS Plant Stand

For less than $30, you get a three-leveled plant stand that would make any fan of contemporary furniture excited.

Buy it: SATSUMAS Plant Stand, $29.99

Credit: IKEA

7. KRYDPEPPAR Plant Stand

A little pastel color never hurt anyone, and the light green of this plant stand will complement bright green house plants or some brightly colored flowering plants beautifully. It also comes differently-sized in pink and beige.

Buy it: KRYDPEPPAR Plant Stand, $24.99

Credit: IKEA

8. VILDAPEL Plant Stand 

If you’re into a more organic look or are decorating an outside space with lots of plants, this little wooden plant stand is a great purchase that will most likely last for years.

Buy it: VILDAPEL Plant Stand, $14.99

Credit: IKEA

9. ASKHOLMEN Plant Stand

Looking to decorate a corner? Meet the angled, ASKHOLMEN plant stand, the perfect solution for brightening up any dreary corner in a space.

Buy it: ASKHOLMEN Plant Stand, $24.99

Credit: IKEA

10. ASKHOLMEN Trellis

If you happen to be working with a vine plant like wisteria, having an extra trellis or two around is always a good idea.

Buy it: ASKHOLMEN Trellis, $24.99

Credit: IKEA

11. SKURAR Flower Box

There’s something about a flower box that just makes everyone happy. And when said flower box is affordable, it makes everyone even happier. So yes, you’re going to want to add this one to your cart, too.

Buy it: SKURAR Flower box, $14.99