13 IKEA Buys To Make the Most of a Teeny, Tiny Bedroom, Starting at Just $5.99

updated Oct 20, 2020
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Ikea small space bedroom with teal walls and multifunctional furniture
Credit: IKEA

A small bedroom can be nice and cozy, but it can also be a bit of a storage challenge. How do you squeeze everything you need into a room that’s barely big enough for a bed?

When it comes to bedrooms though, you can’t get more small space-friendly than IKEA. Everyone’s favorite Swedish retailer knows a thing or two about efficiently laying out a space, and in their recent 2021 catalog drop, IKEA released several products specifically designed to solve small bedroom issues—and the dropped the price on a few favorites, too. If you’re looking to spiff up your small bedroom on a budget right now, these 13 top picks are the perfect place to start shopping.

Credit: IKEA

1. BJÖRKSNÄS Nightstand

This nightstand is about a foot-and-a-half wide, so it’ll fit into pretty tight spaces. Crafted from solid wood, it features a fairly deep drawer for all of your bedside essentials as well as a small shelf for reading materials. Brand new for this catalog drop is the black colorway, which gives the piece an extra modern look. Push your bed into a corner and add one of these bedside for a smart, space-saving setup.

Buy: BJÖRKSNÄS Nightstand, $69.99

Credit: Ikea

2. SVENSHULT Wall Shelf

Can’t swing a nightstand? This simple gridded metal wall shelf, only eight inches wide, is a great place to perch a pair of reading glasses or an alarm clock. Mounted vertically, it’s also a primo spot for stacking up all of the books you want to read. If gold is too glitzy for your sleep style, choose the white colorway instead.

Buy: SVENSHULT Wall Shelf, $12.99

Credit: IKEa

3. TRONES Shoe Storage Cabinet

The TRONES is designed as a cabinet for storing shoes, but it could also be very useful as a nightstand, too. At only 7 inches deep, it’s small enough to fit into even the tightest of spots. For an extensive shoe collection, I could see mounting a bunch of these in a row.

Buy: TRONES Shoe Storage Cabinet, $24.99 for a 2-pack

Credit: IKEA

4. EKRAR Hat and Coat Stand

Never let an empty corner or awkward nook go to waste, especially not in a small bedroom. Though coat racks are usually thought of as furnishings for entry ways and mudrooms, you could always try one in a bedroom when you need extra storage for accessories like scarves, totes, and hats. Look for something with a smaller footprint that’s compact at the base but has a lot of nodules at the top.

Buy: EKRAR Hat and Coat Stand, $19.99

Credit: IKEA

5. NÄVLINGE LED Clamp Spotlight

When you don’t have space for a proper bedside lamp, all hope is not lost. This new little LED clamp light will give you all the directional glow you need to read without taking up hardly any space. The white colorway is online now, and this red design will be available soon.

Buy: NÄVLINGE LED clamp spotlight, $14.99

6. PAX Wardrobe

These wardrobes, which are available with frames as narrow as 20 inches wide, can be a lifesaver in a bedroom without much closet space. In this London home, two wardrobes flank the bed, adding extra storage and a bit of a cozy, built-in bed vibe, too.

Buy: PAX Wardrobe, Starting at $85.00

Credit: IKEA

7. KNAPPER Floor Mirror

For bedrooms where closet space is at a premium, this floor mirror provides an extra bit of hanging space behind it for clothing and accessories. Back it into a corner to get the most storage bang for your buck out of its placement; just make sure the racks and hooks are still accessible.

Buy: KNAPPER Floor Mirror, $59.99

Credit: IKEA

8. SLÄKT Bed Frame with Storage and Slatted Bedbase

For a kid’s room or super small studio, you can’t get much better than this bed frame with built-in storage, now at an even lower everyday price for 2021. Store off-season clothing and spare bedding in the underbed drawers and outfit the shelves with bins for toys or other knickknacks.

Buy: SLÄKT Bed Frame with Storage and Slatted Bedbase, $279.00 $249.00

Credit: IKEA

9. VARDÖ Underbed Storage Box

Unlike other underbed storage options, the VARDÖ’s casters make it easy to pull out and access items, while its canvas cover is a lot less bulky than a traditional lid. You can even add interior organizers to these boxes to really max out your storage opportunities in this often underutilized spot.

Buy: VARDÖ Underbed Storage Box, $29.99

Credit: IKEA


If you like the idea of a having a desk in your bedroom but are having trouble fitting one in, try a wall-mounted, space-saving combo like this fairly deep wall shelf. It works quite well as a place for your laptop (when you pull up a chair or stool) or even as a vanity or small dressing table for getting ready. You can add hooks beside the shelf brackets for even more storage spots for things like handbags and purses.

Buy: EKBY ALEX / RAMSHULT Wall Shelf, $64.99

Credit: IKEA

11. MALM Full Bed Frame with Two Storage Boxes

Now available at the new low price of $219 for 2021, this reimagined classic is the ultimate small space multitasker. Not only does it have two underbed drawers for whatever you want to keep handy, but this bed’s headboard can also serve as a room divider, if you turn the design 180 degrees towards the wall, as shown here.

Buy: MALM Full Bed Frame with Two Storage Boxes, $274.00 $219.00

Credit: IKEA

12. VILDKORN Pillow

Somehow, IKEA found a way to create a pillow that’s soft and firm at the same time with a filling crafted out of recycled polyester. You won’t have to waste money—or space—on buying up a ton of sleeping pillows. This one’s all you’ll really need.

Buy: VILDKORN Pillow, $5.99 for a Queen Size

Credit: IKEA

13. RAGGISAR Basket

Soft felt bins keep a dresser or vanity from looking chaotic by containing your small items. A set is great for crafting supplies, cosmetics, and even things like headphones or magazines.

Buy: RAGGISAR Basket, $6.99 for a Set of 3

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