9 Ways to Instantly Create Kitchen Storage—Out of Thin Air

published Nov 22, 2019
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Carving out storage space in a tiny kitchen can be tricky. Lucky for you, we’ve uncovered some clever ways to create more kitchen storage in places you probably never considered. From shelf risers to magnetic organizers, here are nine products that can turn an unused area of your kitchen into an ample storage opportunity.

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An Under-Shelf Storage Rack

Simply slide this stylish storage rack under an open cabinet or shelf to score some extra storage space and a place to hang utensils and dish cloths.

Buy: YAMAZAKI Home Tosca Under Shelf Storage Rack at Amazon, $31.99

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An Over-the-Sink Rack

Finding room to store stuff around a cramped kitchen sink is no easy feat. Thankfully, this multi-functional rack expands over your sink to offer up space for drying out dishes, sponges, and more.

Buy: KOHLER Multi-Purpose Over-the-Sink Drying Rack at Amazon, $24.99

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A Floating Utensil Organizer

If you thought you needed counter space to stash your kitchen utensils, then think again. This sleek floating organizer mounts under your cabinet or on the wall and uses flexible grippers to hold a wide range of utensils.

Buy: Umbra Float Kitchen Organizer at Amazon, $14.99

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A Kitchen Cabinet Shelf Riser

Looking for an inexpensive way to double your cabinet space? This clean-lined adjustable shelf riser provides twice as much storage space for your cabinet or countertop and will set you back less than 20 bucks.

Buy: YouCopia StoreMore Adjustable Kitchen Shelf at Amazon, $17.99

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A Slide-Out Pantry

Believe it or not, that sliver of space between your kitchen counter and fridge is brimming with storage potential. This savvy storage tower is slim enough to squeeze in the narrowest of spaces, yet still offers five tiers of storage space.

Buy: Narrow Home Organizer Rack at Amazon, $42.56

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A Magnetic Fridge Organizer

Who knew the side or door of your refrigerator could offer up so much extra storage space? Thanks to this magnetic organizer, you can score two shelves of storage space and a paper towel holder on your freakin’ fridge!

Buy: Magnetic Fridge Organizer at Amazon, $42.99

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A Kitchen Rail

Why crowd your countertops when you can organize your go-to kitchen wares in one easy-to-access place? This wall-mounted rail rack is sturdy enough to hold spoons, towels, gloves, lids, pans and more, and it doesn’t take up an inch of surface space.

Buy: HOMFA Kitchen Rail Rack at Amazon, $21.99

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An Over-the-Kitchen-Cabinet Door Organizer

Never underestimate the storage power of a good over-the-door organizer. This clear basket fits nicely over the inside of your cabinet door and provides plenty of room for storing cutting boards, cookie pans, food wraps, and more.

Buy: mDesign Over the Cabinet Door Organizer at Amazon, $16.99

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Magnetic Spice Storage Jars

No room for a proper spice rack in your kitchen? No problem. These small, magnetic glass storage jars are the perfect size for storing spices and other tiny knickknacks and attach securely to any flat metal surface, including the side of your refrigerator.

Buy: Magnetic Hexagon Spice Jars, 15 Pack, at Amazon, $39.99