The 7 Best Kitchen Tools for Left-Handed People

published Aug 14, 2021
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In a world of handy kitchen and home gadgets, many are often made for right-handed people. The unfortunate truth is that left-handed folks often get… left… out of the equation when it comes to product design — which leaves 10 to 12 percent of the world often scrambling to manage tools of all shapes and sizes. (In fact, some products, like power tools, are actually dangerous for lefties to handle, and can result in serious injuries.) 

This is true for kitchen tools as well, but luckily, there are kitchen tools out there created with left-handed people in mind (or are at least lefty-friendly). Here are seven classic kitchen tools that are either specifically designed with left-handed people in mind, or help lefties stay safe when chopping, mixing, and so much more.

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Food processors are great for lefties because they don’t require a specific hand to operate. This highly rated version from Kitchenaid is known for its quick and efficient chopping capabilities. It holds up to three and a half cups of food, and can help you make creamy dips and chop onions with ease (and without tears). It’s under $60, too, which makes this a budget-friendly must-have in any kitchen. One review even stated it was the best food processor they’ve used in their 66 years.

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Did you know using a can opener made for the right-handed can be dangerous if you’re left-handed? Well, open up a world of new recipes with a can opener designed specifically for lefties. This one from Lefty’s makes can-opening safe. Plus, a bottle opener at the top means you can crack a beverage of your choosing while you cook.

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Knives are imperative to getting most cooking jobs done. Chop your veggies easily (and safely) with this stainless-steel knife created for left-handers from Fuji Cutlery. It has an ergonomic handle and super sharp blade, which is ideal for any home chef. It’s under $30, too, which is a steal.

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Everyone needs an oven mitt. But finding one made for the left-handed can be tricker than you realize. Worry no longer about burning your hands trying to grab your latest dish from the oven with a set of oven mitts that are fully coated in heat-resistant silicone on both sides. No more trying to make do with the wrong side of your mitt!

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Gone are the days of awkwardly making sure your measurements are just right. (Get it?) The labeling on this measuring cup was designed with lefties in mind, so you can easily make sure ¾ of a cup is exactly that while using your dominant hand. Plus, the retro design makes this a fun addition to your cooking arsenal.

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Flip with ease with this left-handed spatula from Seki Japan. For less than $14, you can make your Sunday morning pancakes a reality without the awkwardness of trying to use a spatula made for the right-handed. Reviews state it’s nice and sturdy (and a new treasure for left-handed folks).

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And, of course, you can’t talk kitchen about tools without mentioning the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. This has 10 attachments for making everything from zoodles to ice cream to fresh pasta to burgers. It’s a cult classic for a reason.

While the high price point may be prohibitive to some, the price might be justified if you cook a lot and will use many of its features on the regular. Plus, its ergonomic design makes it great for lefties.