5 of the Best, Most Practical Pieces of Life Advice Readers Have Gotten From Their Moms

published May 9, 2021
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When in doubt, just call Mom. For many people, the advice they’ve received from their mothers or mother figures is priceless and has shaped the way they view the world — and how they tend to their homes, their families, and their spirits. Whether your mom, grandma, or a beloved aunt is sharing their secrets, there’s nothing like those tidbits of wisdom. 

I asked people to share the best advice they’ve learned from the mothers in their lives; you may find yourself nodding in agreement and putting some tips into rotation in your own routine!

If you stay prepared for guests to drop in, you won’t be caught off-guard.

If the mom in your life is a social butterfly, you’ve probably observed their hosting skills at work. Niki Robison of Minneapolis’s mom always has essentials on hand in case guests drop by. “Always keep a fully stocked bar and munchies to whip together a fabulous little snack for guests,” she says. 

Pretend your car runs out of gas when the meter hits 1/4 tank.

Being prepared is a huge lesson, and if you’ve ever run out of gas unexpectedly, you know why. “Never let the gas in your car get below a quarter tank,” says Scyler Shearer of Minneapolis. “You just never know.” An easy way to make this shift is to pretend that the quarter-empty mark is a mental zero. Think of it as the vehicular equivalent of keeping a buffer amount in your bank account to offset banking fees.

When in doubt, just add water.

Think creatively to solve problems. “If the kids are upset and you’re struggling to calm them down, just add water,” says Emily Crane. “Try a bath, a water sensory bin, a tea party, sprinklers — it’s a no-fail.”

This trick works for grown-ups too. “When in doubt, take a bath,” shares Greta Aarsvold of Minneapolis. “A bath or a long hot shower can help solve most problems, or at least put you in a better headspace to solve the problems yourself.”

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Take a deep breath, and remember that things don’t last.

The difficult moments won’t last, and moms have been through plenty of life’s ups and downs to know that all things must pass. “Everything is a phase. It helped me try and find appreciation for moments when I was struggling… also knowing that this current moment (good or bad) was not going to last forever,” shares Meghann of Minneapolis.

“This too shall pass. I find it an easier way to handle the hard stuff life throws at me. Stay calm, the storm won’t last,” adds JaNan Erickson of Climax, Minnesota. 

And don’t forget to indulge in cheer whenever you find it.

And last but certainly not least, Jakey Emmett of Minneapolis’s mom’s best advice is to share the love and spread a little cheer. “If you have cash, always stop at the child’s lemonade stand.”