The Perfect Morning Habit for Your Enneagram Type

published Mar 18, 2019
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A healthy morning routine can truly set the tone for an amazing life. Starting each morning with intention and thoughtfulness can transform your relationship to the rest of your day. Morning routines have been linked to heightened productivity, lowered stress levels, and more effective time management.

Sounds great right? Except we know that it can be tricky to start and stick to a new routine, because not all of those “smart morning habits” are going to work for every personality type.

That’s why we compiled a list of one habit that each Enneagram type can add to their morning, starting tomorrow. Hopefully this helps you to simplify your routine and focus in on the habits that will have the most positive impact on you based on your specific needs.

About Enneagrams

Enneagrams are a system of distinct personality types, designated with numbers from one through nine. Don’t know your Enneagram type? You can take the official Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator assessment for $12, or try an unofficial free test online.

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Type 1, The Reformer: Smiling

You are disciplined and intentional and truly great at maintaining a consistent routine, however type ones are quick to forget the experience that they’re having in the process. It’s not uncommon to hear a type one say, “I should really laugh more.” We suggest that you set a timer for just 30 seconds and hold a smile the entire time. It will feel strange at first, but eventually that smile will spread from your face into your heart and you will carry that joy with you throughout your day.

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Type 2, The Helper: Morning Check-In

You are so great at taking care of other people. As a natural helper you spend a lot of your energy focusing on what others may need from you and you forget to check in with what you may need. We recommend starting your day with a little morning check-in. Check in with your heart, mind, body, and soul every single day and schedule in time to give yourself what you need before adding other people’s demands to your to-do list.

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Type 3, The Achiever: Screen-free hours

You wake up each day focused on your goals. You are aware of what you need to do to be who you want to be at any given moment. Likely, your social media and email can take you straight into achievement mode before you’ve even had your coffee in the morning. Giving yourself just one hour each morning that doesn’t involve your phone will allow you to be more in tune with yourself and your desires. It will remind you to be present with your day-to-day experience rather than just what you’re working toward and likely help you to not start your day feeling like you have to play catch up to the people you see online. Rather, you get to set the tone for what a successful day looks like for you and you alone.

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Type 4, The Individualist: Time Blocking

You are creatively magnificent and often very focused on the moment-to-moment beauty of the world around you. To balance out your innate ability to be fully present with your feelings with the desire to get things done, we recommend starting your day by time-blocking your tasks. Schedule your daily tasks into your calendar and apply time slots to your work. Keep it flexible by overestimating the amount of time you’ll need on a given task and this will provide you with just enough structure without squashing your creative spirit.

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Type 5, The Investigator: Stretching

Fives are incredibly observant and informed. You are amazing at research and have the ability to bring creative solutions to the problems that may arise in your life. With that said, it’s not uncommon for you to live an entire day in your mind. It can be incredibly helpful to begin your day with slow, intentional movement. Bringing awareness back into your body and allowing you to be more fully connected to your humanity.

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Type 6, The Loyalist: Sensory Awareness

Sixes are quick thinkers, prone to worry, and inclined to skepticism. These are amazing assets when needed, however they can hold a six back from being available to the present moment. Take a few minutes each morning to bring awareness to the world around you in the moment you are in. Notice something pleasant that you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel. Enjoy the sensation of noticing the world around you from where you are right now. Anxiety lives only in the future, touching in with your surroundings in a present moment is a great reminder that in this moment you are always safe.

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Type 7, The Enthusiast: Morning Pages

Seven’s minds are full of ideas, possibilities, desires, and opportunity. Their thoughts are moving a hundred miles an hour and often layering on top of one another. This can be incredible at times, but can also keep the seven back from staying focused, organized, and effective with their energy. We suggest taking a few moments each morning to brain dump all of your ideas, thoughts, worries, and delights onto paper. Get all of the background noise out of your mind and onto paper before you move into your day. This will help you to stay focused on your present tasks and have a clear direction for each day.

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Type 8, The Challenger: Meditation

You are a powerful creature, type eight. You have this amazing ability to walk into a situation and know exactly what action needs to be taken to get the job done. This quick response to your instincts is an incredible asset. However, it can get you into more conflict than you may intend to have in a given day. Taking a few moments to meditate in the mornings will help you to create space between your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions. This can be incredibly helpful in slowing you down just enough to be more diplomatic in your reactions throughout the day.

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Type 9, The Peacemaker: “Win the Day” Lists

You are incredible at seeing the perspectives of other people and creating space for them to exist comfortably around you. At the same time you can often prioritize your own comfort over pushing yourself to do the amazing things you want to do. To aid you in prioritizing an easy but effective day we recommend starting your day with a win the day list. Choose just three to four things that need to get done each day. Start your day with the hardest one to tackle and end your day when the tasks have been accomplished. This will provide you with clear direction for where to put your energy while also providing you with a very clear end point for when you can get back to your peaceful state of mind.

Sarajane Case is a writer, speaker, podcaster and Enneagram teacher. She teaches the Enneagram as a tool for self-care, productivity and ease in relationships. You can learn more about Enneagrams from her Instagram, @enneagramandcoffee.