8 Mosquito Repellents That’ll Keep Your Outdoor Space Pest-Free This Spring and Summer

published Apr 7, 2023
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With spring finally here and the temperatures slowly creeping up, it’s finally time to get outside and enjoy some warm weather. While this time of the year marks the return of everything fun like rooftop outings, outdoor dining, and weekends spent lounging in the park with a good book, it also marks the return of something else: bugs. Yes dear reader, while April showers bring May flowers, they also bring the return of bug season. And the most dreaded bug of them all? Mosquitos. Sure flies and ants are not much better, but nothing (and I mean nothing) puts a damper on an outdoor hang like the emergence of a swarm of mosquitos — especially when it’s in the personal outdoor space you’ve spent so much time curating. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Below, we rounded up 8 of the best mosquito repellents (including some editor favorites!) that’ll keep your space pest free all warm-weather season.

Do you have a mosquito repellent that you swear by that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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If there's one mosquito repellent we adore, it's the Thermacell Rechargeable Mosquito Repellent. This portable mosquito repeller machine dispenses an almost undetectable vapor that wards off mosquitos within a 10-foot radius of its location. Now, you can garden outdoors without hesitation and sleep comfortably in your tent for your upcoming camping trip. And for those looking for something with a bit more style, check out its sister product, Thermacell's Mosquito Repellent Lantern.

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Growing up, my dad's go-to mosquito repellent was Cutter Bug Control Spray. Covering up to 5,000 square feet and offering 12 weeks of pest control on lawns, landscapes, and outdoor surfaces, this concentrate is one you can count on. Simply spray the perimeter of your space and enjoy a bug-free outdoor space!

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When AT contributor Amy polled her neighbors in the Carribean for their favorite mosquito repellents, she got some pretty interesting answers, which included this Garlic Barrier Insect Repellent. A natural, pet-and-people-friendly product, try this extremely potent liquid garlic extract. "Several of my neighbors suggested this solution, which you mix with water and spray on the leaves of your plants or along the perimeter of your outdoor space," shared Amy. "Don't worry, the garlicky smell won't last for long — but the bug-banishing power will."

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Did you know that there are certain plants that are natural mosquito repellents? It's true! One of our favorites? Lavender. This perennial beauty will not only keep pests at bay, but it'll also add some beauty (alongside a lovely aroma) to your outdoor space. We call that a win-win.

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Mosquito-repellent citronella candles are a classic for a reason, and we're particularly fond of these tea light versions from Murphy Naturals. Made with a blend of rosemary, peppermint, cedarwood, lemongrass, and citronella oils, these candles offer a natural, clean solution to your mosquito problem. Plus, decorating your outdoor space with tiny tealights is always a vibe.

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Still water is a mosquito's favorite habitat, but these larvacide pouches from Terro will have them thinking twice. Simply place these dissolvable pouches into any space still water collects (think fish ponds, bird baths, gutters, etc) and the solution will keep mosquitos away for up to two months at a time!

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If you're a fan of incense and pest control, we have the product for you: Madison James Flyaway Sticks. Made from a blend of Madison James geranium, Texas cedar, clove, and more, simply stick the incense in the ground (or a planter!), light the tip, and blow out for sweet-smelling mosquito control. Note: the brand recommends using the stick singly, spread approximately 10 feet apart.

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Another AT-favorite, contributor Kendall adores the W4W Mosquito Repellent Coils for two reasons: They look good and they work. "All you do is pop one into its coil shape, place it on a stand, and light the outermost tip of the coil with a lighter or match," she shares. "The coils are coated with an essential oil blend that includes rosemary, peppermint, citronella, lemongrass, and cedar. It’s an energizing aromatic experience for me and everyone I’ve tried them with, but a nightmare for mosquitos. Think outdoor incense… with a vengeance."