These Are the Best Moving Boxes for Every Type of Move

published Apr 22, 2020
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Moving from one home to another is never easy. Plus, the added stress of worrying your things might be damaged the during transition—or the fear of losing things in a storage abyss—only makes the process that much more of a dreaded activity. 

The supplies you choose to move with could literally make or break your move—or the items you’re transporting, at least. For this reason, it’s important to select sturdy boxes and pack your items carefully before loading them up into the moving truck. 

To help streamline and organize your move, we’ve rounded up the best moving boxes that money can buy for whatever items you’ll be packing

The best moving boxes for files and paperwork

Depending on your current storage situation, it might actually be worth it to invest in plastic, reusable (and waterproof) storage containers for your files. If you’ve already got a reusable storage solution at home such as a filing cabinet or closet space, then cardboard boxes will work just fine. If not, splurging on a few plastic containers might be the way to go. 

Corrugated file boxes

For $5 a pop, you can store your files in one of these cardboard storage solutions. These are for standard letter- and legal-size files. Dividers make storage a bit smoother, and since they’re cardboard, you can write directly on the outside of the box so that finding your files after moving in is easy.

Plastic file boxes

Those concerned about water damage or long-term storage should consider a reusable file box. This one from the Container Store is clear, so you can see what’s inside easily, and has buckles, which means everything will stay in place if there’s a slip. The box also can accommodate hanging folders, meaning your paperwork won’t fall all over the place inside the box it’s stored in. 

The best moving boxes for clothing and coats

Many people will find themselves vacuum-sealing their clothes to save on storage space in their car or moving truck. Others will pack them into suitcases, or just any old box that they can find. For the most part, these are decent solutions. But for coats and delicate items (such as wedding dresses, suits, and other important clothing), a wardrobe box is much better choice. 

Wardrobe boxes

Wardrobe boxes are typically tall and have a metal bar inside for you to hang your clothes. Purchasing them in a bundle will usually save you some money. This particular one offers handles so that it can be easily moved back and forth from the moving truck. 

The best moving boxes for dishes

Dishware and glass items are where things start to get tricky. Packing up your kitchen can spell disaster if it’s not done properly. 

Dish packing kit

This dish packing kit comes with everything that you’ll need to pack up your plates and platters. The boxes come with insertable partitions so there’s some flexibility in how it’s arranged, and there are foam pouches that will host your plates and bowls individually for extra padding and protection.

The best moving boxes for glassware

Glass packing kit

Insert these partitions into a box of your choice so all your glassware is safe and secure. It’s also a good idea to purchase a roll of foam and packing paper for extra protection during the move. 

The best moving boxes for fragile items

Fragile items, regrettably, come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you’re packing an antique lamp, or maybe it’s a silver hand mirror. What’s important is making sure you’re giving the item very little room to move inside of a box. So, the box that you choose is equally as important as the packing supplies that you use to store it. 

Artwork and mirror boxes

Side-load boxes or poster tubes work best for artwork, based on the size of each piece.

Finally, make sure that you have all the right supplies while packing up your things. Towels and rags can fill empty space inside a box with a fragile item. Newspaper, packing paper, and bubble wrap in will allow for some cushion. And of course, don’t forget the tape.