These Stylish Storage Ottomans from Overstock Are the Perfect Solution for Small Living Spaces

published Jan 6, 2023
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Rue Sherpa Storage Ottoman overstock
Credit: Overstock

Over the last ten years, my parents replaced most of their kitchen and living room furniture piece by piece. Their old sofa made way for a fancy one with motorized leg rests, and the dining chairs got swapped for stools that take up less room. But the one thing they’ll never give up? Their storage ottoman. The reason is simple: It’s just too useful (especially in a small space). Sure, it can be a footrest for my mom or a little throne for their cat, but the removable top cushion reveals a small trove of books (and cat toys), plus, it flips over to become a side table for morning coffee (or a glass of wine with Law & Order).

Finding your own favorite storage ottoman is easier than ever, and right now Overstock has them on sale in any shape, size, and style you could want. Ottomans are traditionally intended for the living room, but they work their hidden storage magic just as well in bedrooms, dining areas, and any part of your home where you need to pack a lot of function into a small space. Get a deal on our favorite finds while they’re still in stock!

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Since this ottoman is large enough to use as an extra seat when you need one, you know its storage compartment is quite spacious. Fold or toss all your throw blankets inside to keep them organized (and cleaner than if they were laying out in the open). We like how the soft-closing pressure hinges are built to last and make opening and closing the top super easy.

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You can totally swap out your coffee table (or add extra coffee-table space) with this stylish round model. We like how the two-sided lid also gives you two kinds of resting surfaces. The light-colored wooden top looks great for everyday use, while the underside has a built-in ring to keep plates and glasses from being knocked off the side. It's perfect for messy eaters of all ages.

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Having the option to lift up one half of the top at a time is a seriously smart — and thoughtful — design. That way if you're using one side as a tray, or if someone in your home is relaxing and really doesn't want to lift their feet up, you can still access the storage space. Pro tip: If you want to kick back with a snack, use one cushion on the ottoman for your feet and set the other one cushion-side down next to you (or on your lap) so your tray is within reach.

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Go for a more upscale look with this hardworking storage ottoman in a strapping design (literally). Inside is a moveable storage tray that you can slide to one side or the other and use for keeping track of smaller things like TV remotes. And below that tray you still have plenty of space to stash blankets and pillows.

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This round ottoman is the perfect size for living rooms and bedrooms, and because it comes in a range of colors in both faux leather and soft, cotton-y fabrics, you can find one that pairs well with the rest of your furniture. The lid is easy enough to lift up for kids to use this for toy storage, too.

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There's something about a fuzzy ottoman that is just so inviting. The super soft sherpa covering makes this a comfy footrest, while the removable lid creates a nice bit of storage space. It's also sturdy enough to use as a bedroom stool or extra living room seat in a pinch.

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If you're looking for an ottoman that will make a great centerpiece, this tufted one will do nicely. Its intricately carved legs and handsome metal buttons give it a sense of authority in the living room, which it delivers on with a spacious storage cavity and a well-made hinge lid that can stay open on its own while you grab what you need.

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This ottoman holds a surprise: an entire lounge chair! By lifting up panels on the front and back, this incredible piece of furniture transforms from an unassuming ottoman to a chair, recliner, or bed. It takes up much less space than a traditional sleeper sofa and is easy to reposition to a different spot in the room when it's time to unfold.

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Details like short, tapered birchwood legs and a simple silhouette make this mid-century modern ottoman really pop for us. It's an ideal size to replace existing chairs or add additional seating, and it has a good depth to fit in smaller spaces. The hinge opening also prevents the top from ever moving around as people sit on it.

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While this wider bench requires a little more floor space than other ottomans we picked, it earns its keep by offering two kinds of storage options. If you're using this in the living room, the top compartment will hold pillows, blankets, and remote controls, while the bottom rack holds books, board games, and anything else you want to get off your end tables. In an entryway or bedroom, this becomes an extra place to store clothes, linens, and shoes.