This Pillow Protector is Made for People with Allergies—And It Has Over 2,000 5-Star Reviews

published Feb 28, 2020
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There’s nothing that recharges you as well as a good night’s sleep—that is, unless you have allergies. Dust mites can take up residence in your pillows and bedding, making you wake up stuffy and sneezing and not exactly refreshed. And while your sheets and blankets can be washed easily, it’s a bit riskier to wash a pillow. What if its feel and shape change?

We just discovered a pillow protector on Amazon that promises to change all that. It works like your standard pillow protector in that you zip your pillow inside, and then slip whatever pillowcase you’d like to use over it. But unlike other fully sealed pillow shields, the Allersoft case is made of 100 percent cotton, so it’s actually breathable—none of that crinkly, noisy plastic or stiff paper-like fabric underneath your head. The super-tight weave keeps the mites and other allergens out, even through repeated washings. It’s just $10.45 for a standard-sized case (a pack of two is $17.95), and with more than 2,100 5-star reviews, it’s clearly worth it. 

And the result for allergy sufferers? A better night’s sleep. Raved one reviewer: “I am severely allergic to dust mites. I can definitely tell the difference between laying down on a pillow that has this case on vs one that doesn’t. This product has really improved my sleep. It’s not noisy or plastic-y, I simply slide a regular pillowcase over it and sleep much better.” 

Co-signs another satisfied customer: “As a person who has allergies associated with dust mites, this pillow encase was recommended by my allergist doctor for several years. I have reluctantly for several years not taken my doctor’s advice until this winter. I recently ordered the case and have noticed a dramatic improvement in my allergies when sleeping.”

And if you don’t have allergies and just want to protect your pillows against bed bugs, this protector has you covered there as well, thanks to a fabric strip underneath the zipper that acts as an additional barrier. Plus, many customers said they picked up the Allersoft protector to extend the life of their pillows against normal wear and tear.   

“They protect our expensive pillows and keep them from getting stained from body oils or hair products. Just throw them in the washer and they’re good as new,” raved one happy reviewer. Others said they chose these protectors to keep their shredded memory foam pillows in good shape—and one customer simply filled the protectors with memory foam fragments: “Thought they were pillows. My bad. They are great covers. Ended up filling them with memory foam fragments. Now they make GREAT pillows.”