10 Cleaning and Organizing Products Amazon Shoppers Are Buying by the Thousands (Starting at Just $7!)

published Apr 18, 2024
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If there’s one thing we love here at Apartment Therapy, it’s a clean and organized home. As a shopping editor, I’m constantly on the hunt for the latest and greatest products for your home, and one of my favorite categories to uncover new finds in is — you guessed it — cleaning and organizing. From social channels and internet forums to scanning the aisles of my favorite stores, there are tons of ways I go about finding these products. But perhaps my favorite way (and one of the easiest) is by scouring Amazon

Amazon is home to, well, everything, and with such a wide array of picks, over the years I’ve discovered some of the best cleaning and organizing finds simply by scrolling the site. Here’s how I do it: I check out the site’s “Best Sellers” section and keep a close eye on the handy little disclaimer below the price that lets me know just how many were bought in the last month. After seeing which products have buyers in a tizzy, I check out reviews and decide whether or not I want to put them to the test myself. Easy-peasy. To help make your search a bit easier, I rounded up 10 cleaning and organizing finds buyers couldn’t stop adding to their carts this last month. After seeing these picks, I think you’ll end up doing the same thing too. 

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Keep from kicking over body wash bottles each shower with this handy caddy set, which comes with five adhesive organizers of varying sizes. The drill-free bins are sturdy enough to hold numerous bottles of your favorite hair and body products, and their strong adhesive backing means they won't come crashing down on your head mid-rinse. More than 80,000 sets were bought last month, and the caddies are currently 60% off.

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With over 40,000 sold in the last month, the Safer Home Fly Trap is Amazon's go-to fly trap. So what is it that online shoppers are loving about this find? The secret lies in its ease of use. The unit plugs into an outlet and uses a soft blue light to attract bugs, which get trapped on sticky paper that faces the wall so they’re not visible. The paper cartridges are replaceable — and you’ll need to replace them because they catch a surprising number of flies, gnats, moths, and other bugs. On top of that, these bug traps are chemical-free, making them ideal for homes with children and pets. Talk about a no-brainer.

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Don't let this colorway fool you — this is the same Little Green carpet cleaner that has won rave reviews on social media for being the device pet parents (and frankly, all humans) need in their cleaning arsenal. Equipped with a 48-ounce tank, the Bissell Little Green Pet Deluxe Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is ideal for addressing any pet messes on your carpet and furniture, as well as things like caked-in mud, spilled wine, and more. This petite but mighty machine boasts a strong spray and suction that will tackle even the toughest carpet stains. And with 30,000 of this updated version sold in the last month, it’s clear its popularity isn’t dying down anytime soon.

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Something the internet has seem to come to a consensus on? Everyone needs an electric scrub brush. On Amazon, no pick is more popular than the Voweek Electric Spin Scrubber. With over 20,000 sold in the last month, this rechargeable device helps you scale the walls as well as scrub the tub (all without bending down) and the adjustable neck of the brush head means you don't have to contort your body to catch the grooves of your tub. Best of all, it comes with four interchangeable heads for cleaning every kind of bathroom surface.

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There are certain clothing items that should always be kept separate from other clothes to avoid unfortunate snags or damage. This set of three mesh laundry bags is exactly what you need to keep track of undergarments, swimsuits, sweaters, workout gear, and more. They’ll help keep delicate items in good condition for longer, and you can even use them as a hack to combine multiple loads of laundry into one. With over 20,000 sold in the last month, they’re well on their way to becoming a laundry staple in many homes.

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Keeping the space under your sink organized is a must and with 20,000 bought in the last month, it’s clear Amazon shoppers are loving this set from REALINN. So what makes it so special? Its L-shaped design with a smaller top fits around plumbing, and the spacious bottom portion can accommodate taller cleaning bottles. You can slide out the drawer for quick and easy access, too, and each organizer can support an impressive 50 pounds. The cherry on top is that you can put one in your kitchen and the other in your bathroom, tackling all of your organizing needs in one go.

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Looking for an under-sink organizer with a more stylish design? Check out this set from Delamu — which was bought over 10,000 times over the last month. With this two-for-one pick, you’ll get two different-sized organizers, designed to hold items big and small and provide easy access, thanks to the sliding drawers. The cherry on top, however, is the two-toned design and modern acrylic shelves; it's a functional pick that’s also nice to look at.

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If you’re anything like me, you get lost on #OrganizingTok. Something you can bet you'll see time and time again? This acrylic drawer set. Great for everything from storage and cleaning supplies to beauty and makeup must-haves, these versatile drawers can be game-changing in every room of the house. No wonder over 10,000 were bought in the last month!

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One look at this broom, and it’s easy to understand why over 10,000 were sold in the last month. Combining a chic design and smart function, thanks to the innovative dustpan teeth, this dustpan set looks good while getting the job done.

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This last one’s a personal favorite, so I’m not surprised to see Amazon shoppers are loving it too (over 9,000 bottles were sold in the last month!). Designed to take the hassle out of cleaning your shower, the Wet & Forget Shower Cleaner is a must for those looking to save some time cleaning their bathrooms. Simply apply this cleaner once a week and watch as it gently cleans buildup of soap scum, grime, and mold, all without scrubbing.