9 of Our Favorite Standing Desks You Can Buy Now

updated Feb 21, 2023
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They say that sitting is the new smoking, and with potential health hazards such as decreased circulation, heart disease, back or neck pain, and thrombosis — yikes! — we can see why. And with work-from-home life the new normal for many, it’s safe to say that lots of people are sitting way more than they used to — not good. Personal well-being aside, sitting for prolonged periods can also affect performance at work due to low concentration and productivity. So, if you’re looking to combat a heavy dosage of downsides brought on by traditional desks, read on to see our favorite standing desks that’ll help keep your blood circulating, whether you’re working from home or the office.

Tips for Using a Standing Desk

  • Alternate between sitting and standing. While there are certainly lots of benefits to standing (and plenty of reasons not to sit all day), having an all-or-nothing approach to your standing desk comes with health risks like back pain, swollen veins, and other vascular issues. The best method is to switch from standing to sitting and back again throughout the day.
  • Your desk height should be aligned with your elbows. Having your elbows sitting on your desk at a 90-degree angle is ideal for comfort!
  • Consider an anti-fatigue mat. Many of the desk companies on this list also sell anti-fatigue mats, which promote blood flow by encouraging small leg movements.

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was $399.95

If you use your desk all the time for all the things, you’ll quickly tire of lifting it up and down every half hour based on your needs. This electric desk makes the transition seamless — just adjust the desk from 29.5 inches to 47 inches at the touch of an integrated control panel. And don’t worry about storage, since this model comes equipped with a soft close drawer for all of your workday necessities.

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Love standing desks but not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on one? Consider a standing desk converter instead. This option from Wayfair is a great alternative to a regular standing desk. Simply place it on top of your regular desk and adjust the height as needed. It's lightweight, compact, and requires no assembly, plus has plenty of space for your monitor, keyboard, and more.

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was $549.00

You'll have to pay a bit more for this option, but your dollars are going to a good cause: sustainability! Made from eco-friendly bamboo, this standing desk brings both modern boho vibes and impressive functionality into your space. It can be adjusted up to 50 inches and go low enough for you to sit on the floor, if you want. Not impressive enough? The table can hold 350 pounds, so you don’t have to limit your work items and accessories to just a laptop. Rest assured you’re getting as much style as you are function with this piece. For a deep dive on this desk, check out our review here!

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If you actually like the physical labor that goes into moving a desk up and down (hey, how else are you going to get those toned arms?), Flexispot's got a desk that has a crank handle. The handle pops out for easy access and adjusts the height between 29 inches and 48.6 inches. When you're done, fold the handle back under the tabletop for a clean look and zero chance of accidentally jamming your leg into it. And if you find an automatic desk more your speed, the brand has plenty of other offerings to choose from.

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Branch Furniture
was $1395.00

Minimal design meets maximum function in this piece from Branch Furniture, which prides itself on selling luxury office furniture at half the price you’d expect. A motorized three-stage lift uses EasyGlide technology to smoothly raise your table up to over 4 feet — Branch says it moves so seamlessly it won’t even spill your cup of coffee. But no worries if you accidentally knock your glass of water: The stain- and impact-resistant melamine top and sturdy, 275-pound-capacity legs can take it. This is a piece you’ll use for decades. 

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For a standing desk big on both the style and uniqueness factor, opt for the Sway from Ergonofis. One of the most stylish standing desks we've come across, this one features an innovative swipe function, meaning all it takes to raise this desk all it takes is a simple glide of your finger across the desk's interface. Best of all, it comes in four sustainable wood variations making it a customizable find, too.

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Pottery Barn
was $1299.00

In a sea of monotonous, not-exactly-inspiring standing desk styles, this vintage design is a welcome change from the norm. Found at Pottery Barn, this desk has a crank handle for adjustments, and the heavy-duty metal frame gives it a very industrial look. It comes in two finishes (vintage chestnut and washed pine) and has a height range between 28.5 inches and 47 inches — a true statement piece.

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If you feel like you’ve already tried just about every desk out there and none seem to work like you need, maybe it’s time to build your own — electronically. EvoDesk lets you pick everything about your desk: one-level desktop or two, rectangle or L shape, white finish or black, left or right orientation, wireless charging ports or not, and a whole lot more. So stop searching for the perfect desk; built it to fit your exact needs and style instead.

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Design Within Reach

Designed by Brian Alexander, the Renew Desk comes in three finishes, sits on die-cast aluminum legs, and has a simple handle to direct the desk up or down. But the real bonus here is the flip-down hub that keeps your electronics cords off the table. Just flip it up when you’re ready to charge, plug in your cords from underneath, and type away. With two USB ports and five electrical outlets, the Renew won’t have you hurting for power by any means. 

Nicole Lund and Sarah M. Vazquez also contributed to reporting.