I Live in a 500-Square-Foot Studio and These are the 6 Best Gadgets I’ve Found for My Small Kitchen

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When you walk into my 500-square-foot studio apartment, immediately to the left you’ll see the two-door stainless steel refrigerator that reminds me I am 43 days overdue for changing my filter. To the right of that is a tiny countertop next to the stove, another mini counter space, then the sink, and the final countertop. Each countertop space is 12 inches long and 24 inches deep (except the mini which is not even half of that) — just enough space to fit a coffee maker and a toaster oven. As for cabinet space, let’s just say I have to use the oven as storage for my pots and pans. 

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my humble abode; it’s all I need for my rescue fur baby and me. But for someone who has 18+ years of experience working in a bakery and kitchen and who loves to cook, the lack of counter space for food preparation is a big deal. 

When you live in a tiny space like me, you realize that less is truly best. So, I’ve rounded up my favorite kitchen appliances to help you create a healthy, gourmet meal even when your cooking space is limited. 


This is kitchen sorcery at its finest. This multi-function machine cooks, mixes, grates, steams, sautés, kneads, whisks, and chops with over 10 functions, freeing up your personal time and valuable counter space. It comes with an app with delicious recipes and cooks your food as if you were dining at that restaurant you and your friends can’t afford yet. I mean, why do you think I have one? 

Dash Mini Toaster Oven 

This 11-by-9-inch mini toaster box, as I call it, is not only super cute, but it perfectly toasts my Friday night Netflix pizza rolls. No, I don’t share. 

Loutytuo Collapsible Electric Kettle 

The last thing I want to deal with is my tea pot trying to make itself at home on the stove or find some space in one of the overcrowded cabinets. This foldable, electric kettle is perfect for when I want to spill the tea and when I don’t. It comes with its own travel zipper case that actually fits in my narrow pantry next to my tea stash and great for travel. 

Shine Kitchen Co. Easy Cold Press Juicer

I’ve been trying my hardest to incorporate more raw, cold-pressed juices into my daily routine, but the traditional juicers are so big I have to bring out the folding poker night table. This petite juicer is perfect and just looking at it gives me motivation. My own at-home juice bar! It’s compact and has an extra-wide feeding chute, making it possible for anyone to batch juice, regardless of their kitchen size. Sold. 

Blendi Blender Pro 

I understand that this was designed for travel, however, I’ve found this sleek, portable and powerful mini blender not only gives me more counter space as I prep my smoothies but is also small enough to store in the tiniest places. And did I mention it’s battery operated?! 

Saki’s 13-Quart Smart Air Fryer 

The first thing I love about this air fryer is that it’s a little over 13 inches long, 16 inches tall, and 12 inches deep — perfect for a shallow countertop. It comes with three oven-like racks, a rotisserie reel, and skewers as opposed to a basket. This allows me to fix my homemade kale and sweet potato chips and buffalo cauliflower bites simultaneously without the food touching each other, because OCD. It’s also app-powered so you can check on your food, reduce temperature, or add time all while knocking out those last-minute emails from your desk.