Just 75+ Powerhouse Tiny Homes for You to Daydream About

updated Mar 11, 2020
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Check out our House Tour of this 364-square-foot guest house: A Perfect Tiny “Modern Shed” in California. It includes such clever innovations as “under-bed storage, custom closet, wall-hung media cabinet,” and glorious French doors. (Image credit: Aimée Mazzenga)

Tiny houses! All the squeal-inducing adorableness of dollhouses, the childhood joy of playhouses and treehouses, and the satisfyingly clever storage of shipshape boat living combined with a very adult concern for environmental impact, thriftiness, minimizing possessions, and intentional living.

In addition to being a very welcome change of pace—and scale—from the McMansion craze, the tiny house trend has brought us all a new national pastime: watching tiny house tv shows that raise more questions than they answer. (Why are so many dudes obsessed with having a composting outhouse? And does no one—”A family of 5 in 300 square feet!”—have sex?)

We do not have answers for you today, but we do have over 75 darling, diminutive houses: some to buy or rent for real, and some just to ogle. And for all the ribbing we might give prospective tiny house buyers on tv shows, the houses themselves really do have a lot to love. The residents of the homes featured here have a ton of fascinating, down-to-earth, insightful things to say about their homes and tiny house life in general.

Please enjoy our selection of more than 75 favorites. Some of the homes featured here are from our House Tours, some are available for rent around the country, and others are for sale. When it comes to purchasing a tiny house, many companies have houses available for sale immediately, while plenty of others work purely to-order. You can pick and choose all the features you desire (which drastically affects the price, of course), as well as color and style.

The builders that do custom building generally have model homes, such as those included in this roundup, that you can check out, so you can get a feel for the quality and space. Experiencing small spaces for yourself is essential—you’ll get to see whether a particular configuration and square footage feels claustrophobic, cramped, or wonderfully livable. Then you’ll need to decide which features (indoor plumbing, a sleeping loft, a shower stall you can actually stretch your arms across) are essential to you and which you can eschew.