This $10 Tool Is the Secret To an Always-Clean Sink

updated Jun 15, 2023
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

One of the most underrated cleaning tools, in my opinion, is the humble squeegee. A few years ago, I never even owned one — now, I use a dedicated shower squeegee to direct water into my drain, and I’ve even tried squeegeeing my carpet (it’s a great hack for pet owners). Recently, I thought of a new place to use this versatile tool: my kitchen sink

Allow me to introduce you to the KOHLER Sink Squeegee, a $10 product with nearly 80 percent five-star reviews on Amazon. You can use it to wipe spills on your counter into your sink or to push water down the drain when you’re cleaning the inside of the sink. This model also happens to come with a brush on the other side, so it’s super useful for crumbs that accumulate around the sink (or honestly, anywhere on your counter). 

I’ve had the squeegee for a few weeks now, and I can’t believe I’ve never tried something like this sooner. I’m the type of person who splashes water everywhere when I’m hand-washing dishes, and while this product doesn’t prevent my shirt from getting soaked during this daily chore, it has made counter clean-up so much easier (and honestly, more fun). 

I also like using the squeegee when I’m deep-cleaning the sink. Typically, I scrub the surface with a dish brush and some Dawn Power Wash, and then rinse, but there’s always water dripping on the sides. After washing, I now use the KOHLER sink squeegee to push water downward and into my garbage disposal (and if I’m feeling fancy, I’ll use a stainless steel spray afterward to polish the dry surface). 

The nylon bristles on the other end of the squeegee are a really nice touch, too. I’ve used the “mini-broom” to sweep spilled dry cereal from my counter into the trash, and it’s also really convenient to use inside of the drawer where I store kids’ snacks — I just take everything out and sweep all the Goldfish dust into a normal-sized dustpan. It’s a whole lot easier than hauling my vacuum into the kitchen and using the hose attachment!

Lest you worry about adding clutter to your sink area or taking up valuable counter real estate — I’ll be honest, that’s always my chief concern when I’m considering a new dish-adjacent product — KOHLER nipped that problem in the bud. The squeegee is shaped so you can hang it on the edge of your sink or counter, so you’ll barely notice it until it’s time to clean. 

My overall take: This is a smart, sturdy little tool that’s worth keeping around if you, like me, have ever had trouble keeping your sink area tidy. It’s also a great buy for someone who wants a simple way to live more sustainably — I’ve noticed I definitely use fewer paper towels over the past few weeks. Who knew a simple squeegee could have such a big impact? 

Buy: Kohler Kitchen Sink Squeegee, $13.06 (normally $14.70)