10 Walmart Bed Frames That’ll Fit Your Style and Your Budget

published Dec 18, 2023
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When you’re settling into a space of your own, there are some things on the “essentials” list you can forgo for a while. Take it from someone who’s lived off of one plate, one bowl, and exactly one fork, spoon, and knife until she finally committed to the perfect set of silverware and dishes. But you can only sleep on your mattress on the floor for so long before your 31-year-old back starts to feel twice its age. Plus, rolling off a mattress straight onto the floor isn’t quite the same as hopping down from bed and sliding into your fuzziest pair of slippers before you take on the day.

Eventually comes the inevitable: The search for the right bed frame. Thankfully, finding the right home for your mattress doesn’t mean shelling out the entire contents of your savings account — especially if you’re looking in the right places. Walmart is one of those places, especially if you’re looking for something that will complement your room but still allow you to get that dish set you’ve been eyeing. Gotta love it when the universe gives with both hands. 

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was $249.99

When a bed frame doubles as storage, you know it’s a winner. This one has four under-the-bed drawers for storing all those seasonal clothes that your small closet laughed at. At $150, this modern upholstered frame in light gray works with pretty much any color scheme. The real pro: You don’t have to get a bunch of storage bins for your sweaters.

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If you’re looking for something that will immediately become the centerpiece of your room, you might consider this white minimalistic option. It comes with a built-in headboard and strong metal slat support for your queen mattress. And if you’re worried about a metal frame scratching your floor, this one comes with anti-scratch foot pads. This one doesn’t come with those handy storage drawers, but you do get a foot of under-the-bed storage space.

3 / 10

You’re not going to find an option this chic at $115. This green velvet vertical channel tufted high headboard looks like it would have a much higher price tag. The 37-inch raised mattress can fit any kind of mattress: spring, memory foam, latex, or hybrid. It’s also numbered for easy assembly and doesn’t require other tools, which is always what you want to hear. And, unlike most fancy-looking frames, this one won’t alert the neighbors every time you slide into bed; it has padded tape and thick wooden slats for a noise-free frame.

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was $270.59

Another incredibly adorable place for those sweaters. This beige linen upholstered frame comes with a storage bench that works for anything you need to fold up and tuck away. You also won’t have to fuss with box springs; this frame comes with 10 wooden slats, and your queen mattress can slide right on. Convenience has never looked so cozy.

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was $289.00

Do your sweet nighttime dreams include a bed frame that comes in one box and doesn’t require a complicated road map to put together? This spindled headboard, tapered legs, and deep brown wood finish add a bold accent to any room at $278. They even throw in a five-year warranty, which only just sweetens the already pretty sweet deal, to be honest.

6 / 10

An upholstered bed frame in beige? Kim Kardashian would turn her head, but you’ll turn yours for the $113 price tag. With six inches of under-the-bed storage, you can easily put any low-level storage bins underneath this space. The soft fabric with foam padding and a beige finish adds a modern touch to any bedroom without sacrificing comfort.

7 / 10
was $309.99

A little ingenuity is never a bad thing — especially when it comes in the form of your bed frame. The headboard not only comes with hidden storage space, but it’s also got a built-in shelf with two standard plug outlets and USB ports. There are also small storage bags on the side of the bed for your glasses case or AirPods case. Plus, the headboard can be adjusted to fit a mattress ranging from eight to 12 inches, and the linen gray fabric and rustic burnt cloud wood make for a classic choice at only $160.

8 / 10
was $655.00

This option is the perfect choice for the minimalist who wants a touch of flair. The headboard boasts gray plush fabric with button tufting against a walnut brown finish and angled legs. Here’s another timeless choice that also makes life easier: You don’t need a box frame because the wooden slats support a queen-sized mattress by itself.

9 / 10
was $339.00

This no-frills bed frame also goes on the list for someone looking for something simple. Its rounded legs and acorn finish look great with any decor choice and is another option that doesn’t require a box spring. This one has a five-year warranty, too — so add “longevity” to the “pros” column.

10 / 10
was $164.00

A stylish option for less than $130, this frame goes with any accent colors you choose. Its rubberwood frame adds extra strength to your queen-sized mattress, and the headboard can be adjusted to multiple heights. Plus, reviewers say it took them less than 30 minutes to assemble — get that “pros” list out again.