8 Walmart Sofa Beds You (and Your Guests) Will Love

published Apr 12, 2024
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If we had it our way, I’m sure we’d all live in spaces large enough to accommodate any guests who want to spend the night. However, more space means more money, and if you live in a city (especially New York), you know the price of an extra room is a heaping amount of cash. Therefore, we work with what we’ve got (even if it’s not much). The good news? To make the overnight experience a bit more pleasurable for your guest, there is an option that’s a step up from an air mattress — and a slight step down from a bonus bedroom — and that is a sofa bed.

The Best Walmart Sofa Beds

Depending on your preferences, you can find a good selection of sofa beds at nearly any furniture retailer, including Walmart. That’s right — you can get a sofa bed for a Walmart price, and we sought out the best ones for the job. Whether you’re searching for a convertible sleeper sofa or a couch that pulls out into a queen-size mattress, we have the picks you need to see before you host your next weekend guests. Keep reading to uncover the best sofa beds from Walmart.

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With this PapPaJet sofa, you can score a cozy, comfortable couch and quickly convert it into a bed for guests (or yourself, if you feel so inclined). Not only does it have a cozy sherpa cover, but it also has room for storage underneath.

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was $283.39

This loveseat may look small, but just wait until you convert it into a bed! Pull it out and lift the bedframe under the seat to unveil all this little sofa has to offer. It can even recline to make your guests that much more comfortable.

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was $853.99

If you’ve been looking for a sofa that pulls out into a full-size bed, look no further than this Balus sofa. It even comes with a mattress (believe it or not, some sofa beds do not), so you can enjoy the whole package right away.

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was $955.99

Easily and quickly convert this unassuming sofa bed into your guest's sleep sanctuary with one swift motion. It will fit into your living room seamlessly, and when it’s time to sleep, it’s got your visitor covered with a 2.8-inch full-size mattress.

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was $299.99

If you don’t feel like replacing your whole sofa, did you know they make chair beds, too? We had to include one, because it’s definitely not common knowledge. Believe it or not, this seat reclines back to turn into a twin-size bed that’s comfortable enough to sleep on. If you’re tight on space, a sofa chair is a great option.

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When in doubt, there’s always a futon! This convertible futon sofa reclines back at different angles, so you can choose to sprawl at your preferred angle (it goes all the way down!). With fluffy cushions, it’s perfectly suitable for sleeping on.

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Give your space a modern upgrade with this sleek Modstyle futon that features luxurious linen upholstery. It reclines all the way back for when it’s time for bed and doubles as a staple piece in your living room — you can’t go wrong.

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was $839.99

This sofa will convert into a bed in seconds and even features a port to charge your guests' phones and cup holders on the armrests. While it might not be a full-on spare room, it has enough redeeming qualities to make your visitors feel very welcome.